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Lakshmana and Bharata Humbled

The messenger from the warfield went straight to Rama, who was sitting in the pavilion being consecrated to perform the Ashwamedha sacrifice. The soldier told him all that had happened. Rama at first would not believe that Shatrughna had been defeated by a mere boy. But the soldier swore by it. Then Rama became worried as to who that boy could be. He sent his brother Lakshmana with a new army to help Shatrughna. Seeing him, the soldiers on the warfield had renewed courage. The whole army togetherattacked the boys again. But it was unavailing. The arrows of the boys felled many of them.

Looking at the bad shape of his army, Lakshmana himself entered the fray. Kusha left his brother to fight the army and himself faced Lakshmana. A fierce fight ensued between the two. Kusha shot the arrow of fire. But Lakshmana used the arrow of water and extinguished it. Kusha then sent a snake-arrow. Lakshmana destroyed it with an eagle-arrow.

Kusha was now very angry. He shot a very mighty arrow, the use of which Valmiki had taught him. The arrow went straight to Lakshmana and hit him. It hit him so powerfully that Lakshmana tottered and fell down on the ground. By then all the soldiers had also fled from the battlefield, unable to bear Lava's arrows.

The news that Lakshmana too was defeated and was aground reached Rama. Rama was upset. The people around whispered, 'This Rama unjustly sent away his virtuous wife Sita to the forest. This is the result of that sin.' Bharata told Rama: "Brother, don't be sad. I will go and punish those boys and bring back the brothers who have swooned." Hanumanta and Jambavanta also went to the battlefield along with Bharata.

When Hanumanta saw Lava and Kusha standing in the battlefield, he said to Bharata, "Look at those boys. They are so much resemble to Ramachandra." Bharata looked at them and felt it was indeed so. The boys bore a very strong resemblance to Rama. Bharata felt very affectionate towards them. He spoke to Kusha, "My dear boy, who are you? Who is this other boy? You two have killed our whole army. You have also brought down my brothers. Now at least, leave that horse. Why this ill will between you and us? Go to your mother and be happy."

Kusha laughed and said: 'Well,' we belong to the hermitage of Valmiki. I am Kusha and this is my younger brother Lava. I won't leave this horse. You have by yourself come for a fight. We have given a proper reply. We will make you also fall to the ground like your brothers. Only then will we go to our mother." Even as he spoke he shot arrows at Bharata.

In the fight that ensued between the two, Bharata collapsed on the ground unable to face the boy's arrows. The entire army ran away, not being able to withstand Lava's attack. Even Hanumanta and Jambavanta stood far away, where the arrows of the boys would not reach them. Some messengers ran to Rama from the battlefield and gave him the news. He was in turmoil. With no other way left, he himself had to go now to the battlefield.

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