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Rama also defeated

Rama came to the battlefield and saw that everywhere soldiers were lying on the ground. And nearby lay his own brothers, unconscious. A little further was the horse, tied to a tree. Near the horse stood two boys, holding bows and arrows. What havoc had been wrought by such a small boys! Rama could not believe his eyes. He gently spoke to the children - "My dear boys, where from are you? Who is your father? And who is your mother? Who taught you archery? But why this wicked obstinacy to tie this horse? And how did you get this might to conquer such a huge army?"

To all these questions, Kusha replied merely: "Great king, you have come to free this horse and take it. If you have that power, well, conquer us and take the horse. Or else go away from here. Why such useless talk?"

But Rama said, "Alas! Should I fight with children like you? I do feel angry when - I look at my brothers lying unconscious. But I just don't have the mind to fix the arrow in my bow. I love very much to know about you. Do please tell me."

Then Kusha told him, "Look, we are the twin sons of Sitadevi. Sage Valmiki has taught us the Vedas and archery. Our study of the Ramayana, taught by him, has given us this strength."

Rama then understood that they were his own sons. At the mention of Sita's name, his agony knew no bounds.

Unable to bear that grief, he swooned in the chariot. Sugreeva who was by his side fanned him and after a while Rama recovered.

When Rama and Sugreeva were talking, Neela was stealthily untying the horse. Seeing that, Kusha aimed an arrow at him. Hit by the arrow, Neela fell to the ground with a thud. Hanumanta, Jambavanta and other heroes surrounded the boys. But they were all laid on the ground by the boy's arrows. This enraged Rama. He showered his arrows on the boys. They were not ordinary arrows. Rama's arrows nad killed great heroes like Ravana and Kumbhakarna. But in front of these boys, even they were ineffective. The arrows shot by Rama were all cut in the middle of their fight by the two boys. But the arrows shot by the youngsters lodged themselves in Rama's body. Rama's horses fell down and his charioteer too. The whole body of Rama was made gory with wounds. In extreme pain Rama lay down in his chariot.

The boys ran to him. They saw the handsome and dignified form of Rama. The string of pearls he was wearing looked so fine. They took it off his neck and tied it in a piece of cloth. They also took away all the precious ornaments worn by Lakshmana, Bharata Shatrughna.

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