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The mighty sage to whom the mountain bowed, and who drank the sea empty. He humbled the arrogant and punished the d. He is the symbol of man's heroism and confident strength.

Author - M.R.Narasimhan


What a wonderful sights the starstudded sky is! We want to go on gazing at it forever, don't we? We can identify quite a few stars and clusters - the cluster of the Seven Seers, Krittika, Thrishanku and the Pole Star, Dhruva. As we gaze we feel a great spirit dwells in each star, we feel the great spirits are narrating the stories of their lives. That star in the southern sky, the star Agasthya, how bright it is! What a great sage!' we reflect. The star reminds us of his magnificent life.

In the Puranas (stories of mythology) there are many stories about him; every one of them shows his daring and his compassion. In the Puranas he is
described as the 'Dwarf Sage'. Even though short in stature he performed mighty deeds and helped mankind.

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Agasthya - The mighty sage who is the symbol of man's heroism
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