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Lopamudra's Desire for Ornaments

Once Agasthya thought he should marry. So he went in search of a suitable bride. The King of Vidarbha had a daughter. Her name was Lopamudra. Agasthya met the king and said, "0 King, I want to marry your daughter."

Lopamudra agreed to marry Agasthya. Her marriage was celebrated. Then she followed Agasthya to the hermitage. She proved an excellent wife. She obeyed every wish of his and never said a word in disagreement. Agasthya was very happy to get such a dutiful wife.

Once Lopamudra remembered the ornaments and silk sarees that she wore in the palace of her father. The desire for fine clothes and ornaments grew strong in her. So she said very hesitantly to Agasthya, "I want to wear ornaments?" Lopamudra answered, "you are not an ordinary ascetic. If you only make up your mind you can create whatever you want."

Agasthya was amused at the innocence of Lopamudra in a soft voice he said, "Lopamudra, what you say is true. But performing tapas is not for our benefit or for personal pleasures. My tapas to help others and to do well to the world. If it is used for our own pleasure and happiness the power and influence of tapas will decrease. But do not be unhappy. I shall try to get you the ornaments in a different way." So saying he left the place.

Agasthya could sympathise with Lopamudra. Lopamudra had not asked for anything so far. She was the daughter of a king. Hence it was natural that she should ask for such things. And he felt that it was his duty to fulfil her desires. Now the question was, how could he get the ornaments and dresses? So he went to emperors and monarchs and asked them for ornaments. Many kings, feeling happy and thinking that it was their good fortune
to fulfil the wishes of such a great sage, gave him jewels. Thus Agasthya went to three kings. Shrutharva, Bradhnashwa and Thrasadasyu. They too gave ornaments and dresses happily. Then they said, "The rakshasa kings of Badami, llvala and Vatapi, are very rich. You can ask them, too," Sage Agasthya came to Badami. It is said that the place where Vatapi and llvala lived is the present Badami of Karnataka, in South India.

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