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The Mountain Bows

Once there was a conflict between the mountains, the Vindhya and the Meru. The Sun used to go around Mount Meru every day. ‘Why should the Sun go round Mount Meru? Why should he not go around me, too? So thought Vindhya. He was angry at the Sun and jealous of Meru. He approached the Sun and said, "Please do go around me also." Without even looking at Vindhya, the Sun said with scorn, "Impossible."  was very angry at the Sun’s attitude. "Yes, IVindhya will break your pride," so saying he began to grow. As everyone watched with wonder theVindhya grew and grew. His crest touched the sky. So he stood as an obstacle in the path of the Sun. The Sun told Vindhya that it was not right on his part to behave in that way. But Vindhya would not listen. Even the gods tried to reason with Vindhya, but it was all in Vain. Everybody was tired of the obstinacy of Vindhya.

Because the Sun’s movement stopped, the world was plunged in darkness.

No one knew what to do. All the gods went to Brahma, the Creator. Brahma said, "Agasthya alone can help." The gods went to Agasthya and prayed to him to save the world. Agasthya said, "Don’t be troubled. I will take care of Vindhya." After giving this assurance to the gods he went towards

Vindhya knew full well about the powers of sage Agasthya. He knew that before him his own prowess was insignificant. So he thought, 'I must cleverly solve this, problem. Somehow I must pacify Agasthya. If I get his sympathy my ambition will be fulfilled easily.' So he made ready to receive Agasthya. Agasthya was walking fast towards him in anger. Vindhya welcomed the sage with humility. He requested him to accept his hospitality. Vindhya also bowed his head to the sage and asked for his blessings.

When he saw Vindhya with bowed head before him, Agasthya felt a touch of pity. But the well being of the world was more important. So he said, "Look, Vindhya, I am going on urgent work to the south. I will be your guest on my way back. Be like this until then." So saying, without even waiting for an answer, he moved on.

Mount Vindhya now realized his mistake. But he could not disobey the orders of the sage. So with bowed head he sat waiting for Agasthya's return.

But Agasthya who went to the south, had much to do. So he could not return at all. So Vindhya had to stand with bowed head forever! The calamity, which threatened the world, was easily averted.

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