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The Ocean in A Single Gulp

In the south Agasthya could not stay in one place. The south was full or forests. Everywhere there was trouble from the rakshasas. All the sages and sanyasis living in the forests were suffering at the hands of the rakshasas. The rakshasas used to slay like wild animals all whom they met. Even the gods had to suffer just like the sages of the south. Knowing that gods could not fight at night, the rakshasas by name 'Kalakeyas' used to wield their
powers at night. During the day they hid themselves in the ocean. So the destruction of these rakshasas became a baffling problem to the gods. Again
the gods sought a solution from Lord Vishnu. "Agasthya alone knows the remedy," replied Shri Vishnu.

All the gods went to Agasthya. They narrated the story of their sufferings at the hands of the Kalakeyas. After hearing their tale of woe Agasthya said, "Anyway, you have come prepared to fight therakshasas. I will drink the ocean dry. They cannot hide in the dried up ocean. They will be forced to face you. Then fight and destroy them."
The gods liked Agasthya's plan and said, "So be it."

Agasthya went to the ocean and drank all the water of the ocean at one gulp. The gods could easily see the rakshasas who were hiding. Like dry leaves caught up in a fierce storm, the rakshasas were tossed about and wiped out. Everybody praised Agasthya for saving the world from the
rakshasas. Agasthya filled the ocean again with water, using the power he had acquired by his tapas!

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