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The God Agni Becomes Agasthya

The story of Sage Agasthya's birth itself is very interesting.

The gods and the rakshasas have been enemies from time immemorial. They have always been at war with each other. Once the Lord of the Gods, Indra, gave an order to Agni and Vayu (the Gods of Fire and the Winds): "Pursue the rakshasas and destroy them."

Both of them followed the rakshasas. Many rakshasas were killed in battle. In order to escape from the gods a few of the rakshasas hid themselves in the ocean.

"They are hiding in the ocean. No harm will come from these cowards"--- so thinking Agni and Vayu returned.

Indra was very angry because Agni and Vayu had spared the lives of some rakshasas. He called them immediately and said, "Why did you not complete the task given to you? Even now go and churn the ocean, if necessary, and destroy the rakshasas hiding in it. Do not leave a single trace of them. I do not mind even if the ocean dries up." So ordered Indra.

Agni and Vayu were in a difficult position. They said, "0 Indra, there are many creatures in the ocean, they have harmed no one. If we churn the ocean, they will die. Will that not be unjust?"

Destruction of the wicked is good for the world. Every one should strive to destroy the wicked. Suppose a man gives shelter to a wicked person, knowing that he is wicked - does he not deserve punishment? In such a situation, can there be any question of right or wrong? The enraged Indra cursed them both saying, "You have forgotten your duty and have come to teach me the meaning of Dharma (right conduct). For such a discussion
the earth is the right place. So, be born on the earth!" Turning to Agni he added, "You shall drink the ocean."

Thus Agni and Vayu were born as Agasthya and Vasishta on the earth. Indira's curse became a boon to the earth.

Agasthya's father was Mithravaruna Rishi, his mother was the divine damsel Urvashi. Agasthya was also called Kumbhasambhava'  (the one born in
a pot) and 'Mythravaruni' (the son of Mithravaruna). He grew up to be a great seer and a man of extraordinary spiritual power.

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