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Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is a city of marvellous contrasts. Its past and present mesh seamlessly to make it an exciting place to visit.

The sprawling modern metropolis of Delhi enfolds within its limits the remains of seen earlier cities. Today the imposing forts and tombs of these earlier times co-exist comfortably with the elegant edifices of the British Raj and modern high rise buildings.

Cool tree-lined avenues with their whitewashed bungalows are as much a part of the city's charm as the ordered chaos of the narrow lanes and busy bazaars of the walled city of Shahjahanabad.

Delhi is a microcosm of India - a marvellous mix of people and traditions where museums and cultural centres offer the finest exhibits, art and the best performances from around the country.

Delhi’s fascinating bazaars and markets spill over with the finest that India has to offer - handicrafts, garments, fabrics and jewellery - making shopping a special delight.

A major gateway into India, Delhi is the logical start to an exploration of northern India. It is also a part of the Golden Triangle, an exciting circuit of the three magnificent cities of Delhi - Agra - Jaipur. Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Delhi goes back to the time of the epics and it is felt that Indraprastha, the city of the Pandavas was located at the spot where the Purana Qila presently stands. Excavation shave unearthed painted grey ware pottery dating back to 1000 BC. The fact that similar pottery has been found at other important sites of the Mahabharata and that there was a village named Indrapat within the fort till 1913, gives credence to this theory.

Delhi's strategic location has made it a centre of power for the last thousand years and successive dynasties built their capitals in the vicinity. The Tomars and Chauhans built their fortification Lal Kot on the southern ridge in the 11th century AD and Siri was established by Allaudin Khalji not far away. The Tughlaqs contributed the cities of Tughlaqabad and Ferozabad followed by the city of the Lodis and then Shahjahanabad which was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Places Of Interest
Red Fort

Inside The Red Fort
The magnificent Red Fort or Lal Qila was built by the emperor Shah Jahan and is a part of the walled city of Shahjahanabad. Within its fortifications are exquisite palaces, a finely proportioned mosque, the Moti Masjid or Pearl Mosque, the Diwan-I-Am or hall of public audience and the finely ornamented Diwan-i-Khas or hall of private audience, where the Mughal emperors held court seated on the bejewelled golden Pea Throne.

A son et lumiere show at the fort brings alive facets of the Mughal court.

For information, contact: Telephone: 3274580, 3277705, 2745803 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Jama Masjid

Located just opposite the fort is the imposing Jama Masjid with its black and white str5iped onion domes and minarets, one of the largest and the most elegant mosques in India.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Purana Qila

The old fort with its massive walls and imposing gateways overlooks the modern city of New Delhi. It is located on what is possibly the site of the ancient settlement of Indraprastha- the city founded by the Pandavas during the epic times of the Mahabharata.

It was the second Mughal emperor Humayun who embarked in 1538 on the construction of the fort and the city he named Din Panah. Sher Shah Suri who took control of the empire shortly afterwards completed the fort and built many of its fine structures including the octagonal sandstone tower, the Sher Manzil. An interesting hour-long son et limiere programme takes the visitor through the history of the fort. For information contact: Telephone: 3315322, 3365358
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Humayun's Tomb

Another magnificent Mughal building, the tomb of the emperor Humayun was built by his wife in 1565-66. Set in a square enclosed garden, the finely proportioned structured in red sandstone and marble served later as a model for the Taj Mahal.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
India Gate

At the heart of the elegant capital city, laid out by the British, is the Indian Gate. A memorial dedicated to Indian soldiers killed in war, the elegant 42 metre arch in buff coloured sandstone stands at the end of the ceremonial avenue, the Rajpath. Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Rashtrapati Bhawan

The imposing Presidential palace flanked by the splendid towers and cupolas of the Secretariat buildings is located on Raisina Hill, overlooking the Rajpath. Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Parliament House

The elegant circular and colonnaded parliament House stands close by. Built in buff and red sandstone, the beautifully proportioned structure has a cirference of nearly one third of a mile.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Jantar Mantar

This fascinating observatory, with enormous astronomical instruments constructed in brick and plaster, was erected by that intrepid astronomer and king, Sawai Jai Singh of Jaipur in 1724. He also built similar observatories in Jaipure, Ujjain, Mathura and Varanasi.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Lodi Gardens

A Splendid landscaped garden surrounds the 15th century tombs of the Lodi Kinds. Ibrahim Lodi the last Lodi ruler was defeated in 1526 by Babur who established the Mugual Empire in India.

Hauz Khas

The Royal Tank ( Hauz Khas) was excavated in 1300 AD by Alauddin Khalji to supply water to his new capital Siri. Today the ruins of a madarsa are to be seen here. This theological college was built at a later date by Feroz Shah Tughlaq and his tomb also stands close by. the complex is surrounded by parkland and the little village of Hauz Khas is now an attractive shopping area.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Qutb Minar Complex

Intricate Carving On The Qutub Minar
Dominating ruins of the earliest existing settlement of Delhi is the city’s famous landmark-the Qutb Minar. The imposing victory tower 73 metre high was built by Qutbuddin Aibak (1192-98) the founder of the Slave Dynasty. The tapering, fluted structure has five storeys, each marked by intricately carved projections or balconies.

Elaborately carved pillars - which come from Hindu temples of the earlier settlement of Qila Rai Pithora embellish the courtyard of a nearby mosque. At the centre of the courtyard is the amazing Iron Pillar-the dhvaja stambha (flag pole) of a Vishnu Temple (4th-5th century AD). Cast in a process that is lost to the present world, the 7.2 metre pillar has not rusted through the centuries. Other interesting structures in the vicinity include the base of another unfinished tower- the Alai Minar.

Tughlaqabad Fort

In the southern periphery of Delhi are the ruins of a massive fort. This was once the capital of the Tughlaq kings - an impregnable fortification built by Sultan Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq in 1321. The elegant tomb of the emperor, in red sandstone with its sloping walls and white dome, located near the fort, is considered to be one of the best examples of Tughlaq architecture.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Feroz Shah Kotla

The remains of the second city of the Tughlaqs are to be found between the Purana Qila and the walled city of Shahjahanabad. It was erected by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354. Very little remains today but still standing rather incongruously on top of the ruins is an impressive Ashoka Pillar. Monolithic and over 12.8 metre in height, weighing 27 tonnes, it was brought by Feroz Shah and installed here.

Baha'i House Of Worship

Beautifully designed, the Baha’i House of worship (also known as the Lotus Temple) is built in the shape of a lotus. Its petals constructed in concrete and faced with white marble have an extraordinary lightness. Nine pools of water around the structure ad to the illusion of a lotus floating in water.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Delhi has beautiful gardens around the city.

The beautiful Mughal Gardens in the presidential Estate is open to the public only in February and March (9.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.). The Nehru Park with undulating lawns and a fine show of flowers in winter, is opposite the Ashok Hotel in Chanakyapuri. Another landscaped garden along the southern ridge is the Buddha Jayanti Park. The Kamla Nehru Park lies along the wooded northern ridge. At Kalindi Kunj (24 km) is an attractive park with green lawns and fountains. The Dhaula Kuan complex has an artificial lake, water falls and playgrounds.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Some of the fine museums in Delhi include:

The National Museum

This prestigious institution house artefacts from the time of the Indus Valley Civilisation (2500 BC) to the present times. Bronzes from South India, an impressive collection of stone sculpture, miniature paintings, textiles, coins and tribal art from part of its extensive collection. Of special interest is the superb Central Asian Gallery that exhibits the silk banners, sculpture and wall paintings that from part of Sir Aurel Stein’s collection - brought to India in the early part of the 20th century.

The National Gallery Of Modern Art

Located in the stately Jaipur House the museum has a splendid collection of contemporary art.

National Rail Museum

The fine outdoor museum has on view a range of locomotives and carriages ranging over the 150 years of the railways in India. A toy train takes children around the museum.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Crafts Museum

The Crafts Museum with its fine collection of textiles and artefacts in set in a delightful rustic village complex in the Pragati Maidan grounds. Here rural craftsmen come every month from diffirent parts of the country to demonstrate their techniques and sell their techniques and sell their beautiful crafts.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Delhi is ideally located for visits to a range of attractions in the region - Agra, Jaipur, Khajuraho, the royal heritage towns of Rajasthan, wildlife sanctuaries in the neighbouring states, trips and treks in the Himalayas, pilgrimage tours to towns like Varanasi, Ajmer or Sarnath.

Day trips or picnics are also possible close to Delhi.

Agra (200 km)

Make a trip to the city of Taj Mahal and go onwards to Fatehpur Sikri.

Mathura (145 km)

The birthplace of Lord Krishna is a temple town with ghats along the river. It is on the route to Agra.

Bharatpur (180 km)

The Keoladeo National Park a former wildfowl hunting preserve is now a marvellous bird sanctuary.

Suraj Kund (15 km)

The remains of an 8th century Sum Temple and pool are to be seen here. Haryana Tourism offers hotel and restaurant facilities. The annual Suraj Kund crafts Mela in February is a popular event.

Sohna (56 km)

Hot springs and a hotel resort close to Delhi makes Sohna an easy retreat.

Sultanpur Lake (46 km)

A bird sanctuary where migratory birds are easily seen. Haryana Tourism has a hotel and a restaurant.

Badkhal Lake (32 km)

Boating and fishing facilities are available here.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Conducted Tours

For full and half day tours of Delhi and tours to Agra and Jaipur contact:

Delhi Tourism Development Corporation

Coffee Home
1,Baba Kharak Singh Marg
Telephone: 3363607, 3365358
Fax: 3367322

India Tourism Development Corporation

Telephone: 3322336

For conducted tours to places near Delhi contact the travel counter at your hotel, or travel/tour operators approved by the Ministry of Tourism.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Eating Out

Delhi is noted for its Mughal cuisine, a direct legacy of the Mughal rule. A Central Asian nomadic cuisine of braised meats, kebabs, pilafs and breads using the clay oven (tandoor) evolved with the use of local spices and herbs into a rich range of dishes popularly known as Mughlai.

Delhi has excellent restaurants that serve a range of cuisines from around India and abroad. Many of these are to be found in the hotels. Dum pukht at welcomgroup Maurya Sheraton has revived a delicately flavoured stem-cooked cuisine form Oudh. Bukhara at the same hotel is noted for its North West Frontier food as also the Frontier at the Ashok Hotel.

Fine South Indian food ranging from dosas and idlis to chillihot Andhra curries and coconut based delicacies from Chettinad and Kerala can be sampled at Sagar, Dasaprakash, Sagar Ratna, Andhra Bhavan and Coconut Grove.

Western and continental cuisine served in restaurants known as much for their marvellous ambience and décor as their food, include the Orient Express at the Taj Palace Hotel, Pierre at the Le Meridien, Pickwick at the Claridges Hotel, and the Captain’s Table at Taj Mahal Hotel.

Fine Chinese and Thai food is found at several restaurants in the city including the exotic Spice Route at the Hotel Imperial, Baan Thai at the Oberoi, House of Ming at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Chinese Room at Nirulas and a host of others.

The village Bistro Complex at the Hauz Khas village and the Asian village Restaurant Complex at Siri Fort offer a choice of eating places and good food.

Fast food outlets like Wimpys, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dominos and Nirulas are round around the city.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Delhi is a marvellous place for shoppers. The Connaught Place, the colonnaded shopping area in the centre of town, offers good shopping. An entire range of Indian handicrafts and handlooms from all over the country can be found at the State Emporia on Baba Kharak Singh Marg and at the Central Cottage Industries Emporium on Janpath. Shops along the Janpath offer garments, leather work, curios, fabric and fine jewellery.

The Crafts Museum Complex and the Dilli Haat have an array of bargains ranging from pottery and paintings to shawls, saris and charming rural ambience. The Hauz Khas Village provides an interesting excursion to a village - turned - boutique complex. At Santhusti near Ashok Hotel, interesting boutiques are set in a landscaped garden.

Chandni Chowk the once elegant 'shopping mall' of the Mughals is now a frantically busy area, but its little lanes often selling just silks, jewellery, semi precious stones or brassware are fascinating to explore and marvellous for picking up bargains.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Delhi as a multicultural society celebrates all Indian festivals with great gusto including Diwali, Dussehra, Id or Christmas as also the festivals typical to the different states. Local festivals include the:

Republic Day (26th January): A splendid parade along the city’s main avenue, Rajpath, commemorates the day India became a republic. Marching soliders, brass bands, tanks and armoury, the colourful camel corps, folk dancers, school children, colourful floats and an Air Force fly-past together make it the most spectacular event of the year.

Beating the Retreat (29th January): A marvellous spectacle of marching bands from the armed forces, is set against the imposing backdrop of the Rashtrapti Bhawan, the secretariats and the setting sun.

Garden Tourism Festival (February): Held at the Talkatora Gardens, the festival is an annual horticultural extravaganza with a colorful display of flowers, exotic plants, cultural events, etc.

Suraj Kund Mela (February): The popular Crafts Fair held at Suraj Kund (15 km) is set in a rural ambience, with folk dance, music and food from the different states.

International Mango Festival (July): The Festival is dedicated to the favourite Indian fruit, the Mango.

Phoolwalon Ki Sair (Oct): A marvellous flower seller’s festival that originated in the 16th century. Beautiful floral fans, taken in procession at Mehrauli are blessed at the shrine of the Sufi Saint Kwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kai and at the Hindu temple of Jogmaya.

Qutb Festival (November): It is a cultural event held in the magical setting of the Qutb Complex.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Adventure Sport

Delhi Tourism and other adventure sport tour operators offer a range of exciting options. Delhi is a base for mountaineering, trekking and white water rafting in the Himalayan region.

Parasailing: Available at Safdarjung Airport under the guidance of trained experts.
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Rock Climbing: Training and equipment are available at Delhi Tourism Adventure Park at Lado Sarai. Certificate (one day and four day) courses are conducted in the wilderness around the park and at Dhauj, Haryana.

Water Sports: Facilities for kayaking and canoeing are available at Bhaleswa Lake at a complex run by Delhi Tourism.

For further information contact:

Delhi Tourism (Adventure Tourism Division)

Coffee Home
1, Baba Kharak Singh Marg
Telephone: 3363607, 3365358
Fax: 3313637 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

There are a number of good golf courses in and around Delhi, with varying charges for non-members. These includes:

Delhi Golf Club
Dr.Zakir Hussain Marg
Telephone: 4362235

Siri Fort Sports Complex
Siri Fort Road
Telephone: 6467482

Noida Golf Club
Telephone: 914-72753

Aravalli Golf Club
Near Nahr Singh Cricket Stadium
Telephone: 91-214810

Meadows Golf and Country Club
Gurgaon - Sohna Road
Telephone: 6872274, 6117149

The Resort Country Club
Delhi - Gurgaon Road
Telephone: 916- 325280
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Art Galleries

For art lovers several art Galleries around Delhi display and sell contemporary Indian paintings and sculpture. Some of the big hotels like Hyatt Regency, Maurya Sheraton, Oberoi Hotel and Ashok Hotel also have regular exhibitions of art.

Dhoomimal Art Gallery
8 A Connaught Place
Telephone: 3328839, 335926

Open-air Sculpture Garden
G-42m Connaught Circus (Middle Circle)
Telephone: 335926

Art Heritage
Triveni Kala Sangam
205, Tansen Marg
Telephone: 3719470, 3353812

Lalit Kala Academi
Rabindra Bhawan
Telephone: 3385135

Art Today
Hamilton House
A-1, Connaught Place
Telephone: 3320689, 3352233

Ajanta Art Gallery
ICCR, Azad Bhawan
I.P. Estate
Telephone: 3319309, 3324994

City Art Gallery
29, Hauz Khas Village
Telephone: 6432659

Gallery Aurobindo
78, Aurobindo lace
Hauz Khas
Telephone: 6862593

Delhi Art Gallery
11, Hauz Khas Village
Telephone: 6967619, 6963050

M.E.C. Art Gallery
Flat No.72B
Khan market
Telephone: 4622545

Eicher Gallery
14,Masjid Moth
Telephone: 6445521

Gallerie Ganesha
E-557, G.K.-II
Telephone: 6446043, 6447306

TAG-Gallery with a difference
43 A, Khan Market and at Ambassdor Hotel
Telephone: 4652630
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

As the Indian capital, Delhi is well linked by air, rail and road.


Delhi has two airport terminals, one for domestic (Terminal-I) and the other for international flights(Terminal-II). 4.5 km apart they are linked by coach services.

They are approximately 20 km from the city centre. Coach and pre-paid taxis are available for transport to the city. Chauffeur - driven cars are available through the ITDC and DTTDC counter.

Indra Gandhi International Airport
(Terminal II) palam
Telephone: 5652011

Govt.of India Tourist Office
Counter, Telephone: 5691171

Domestic Airport
(Terminal I), palam
Telephone: 5665126

Govt.of India Tourist Office
Counter, Telephone:5665296

Air India
Pre-recorded arrival
Pre-recorded departure
Telephone: 145
Reservation, Telephone: 146,147
Cancellation, Telephone:148

Domestic Airlines
Indian Airlines and other private airlines link New Delhi with cities around the country.

Indian Airlines
Safdarjung Airport
Enquiry, Telephone: 4620566 (open 24 hours)

Palam Airport
Telephone: 5665121( 10 am to 5 pm, Mon.-sat.)

Malhotra Building
Telephone: 3310517

Asaf Ali Road
Telephone: 3274609
PTI Building
Parliament Street
Telephone: 3710361

Pre-recorded departure
Telephone: 143

Reservation (domestic)
Telephone: 141

Reconfirmation, Cancellation
Telephone: 148

Jet Airways
13, Community Centre
Telephone: 6519551, 683700

N-40, Connaught Place (Opp.Hong Kong Bank)
(Airport) Telephone: 5665404

Sahara India Airlines
Ambadeep Building
KG Marg
Telephone: 3326851
Fax: 3326858/56

(Airport) Telephone: 5665234

Archna Airways Ltd.
41-A, Friends Colony East
Mathura Road
Telephone: 6842001

(Airport) Telephone: 5665854

Jagson Airlines
12 E, Vandana Building
11, Tolstoy Marg
Telephone: 3721594

(Airport) Telephone: 5665545

Helicopter Corporation of India Ltd.
1/5 Regal Building
Connaught place
Telephone: 3365930 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
By Rail

Delhi is linked by rail to all parts of the country. The main railway stations are New Delhi Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station, Nizamuddin and Sarai Rohilla Station.

Interesting Train Journeys

"The Palace on Wheel's, 'The Royal Orient' and 'The Fairy Queen' are exotic trains starting from Delhi which offer visitors luxurious trip through India's royal past - a marvellous travel experience.

Railway Enquiry (Arrivals)

Telephone: 131,3313535
Telephone: 1331 (Trains from north)
Telephone: 1332 (Trains from east via Ghaziabad)
Telephone: 1333 (Trains from west including Mumbai)
Telephone: 1334 (trains from the south)


Telephone: 1336 (Trains from the north)
Telephone: 1337 (Trains from the east)
Telephone: 1338 (Trains from the west)
Telephone: 1339 (Trains from the south)

New Delhi Station Reservation Office
Telephone: 3363334 (8 am to 8 pm)

Central Railway Reservation office
Connaught Circus
Telephone: 3348686 (8 am to 8 pm)

International Tourist Bureau
1st Floor, New Delhi Railway Station
Telephone: 3734164
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Delhi is linked by road to all major cities and destinations in North India. The Delhi Transport Corporation and the various state Roadways have regular and comfortable services out of Delhi. Some destinations that are easily accessible are:

Agara - 200 km, Ajmer - 399 km, Amritsar - 466 km, Bhopal - 741 km, Chandigarh - 249 km, Gwalior - 319 km.

Jaipur - 261 km, Jodpur - 604 km, Kanpur - 490 km, Jammu - 586 km, Shimla - 368 km, Lucknow - 569 km, Udaipur - 635 km,And Varanasi - 765 km.

Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT)
Kahsmere Gate

The main terminus for bus services out of Delhi.
Enquiry, Telephone: 2968836

ISBT, Sarai Kale Khan
Telephone: 4698343

ISBT, Anand Vihar
Telephone: 2149089

Bikaner House
(For buses to Jaipur)
Telephone: 3383469

Local Transport

A/c and non A/c cars with or without chauffeurs can be ordered from the various car rental agencies. Taxis and autorickshaws are easily available for local running. The DLY taxis available at hotels and local taxi stands are a comfortable option. Bus services by the Delhi Transport Corporation and local operators ply though the day.

Car Rentals

Chauffeur-driven cars and cars on hire can be arranged from the following agencies:

ITDC Transport Division
Hotel Samrat
Telephone: 6110606

Sita World Travel (India) Ltd.,
4, Malcha Marg Shopping Centre
Diplomatic Enclave
Telephone: 6111122

Mercury Travels Ltd
Jeevan Tara Building
Parliament Street
Telephone: 3362171

N-49, Connaught Place
Telephone: 3315181, 3315834

America Express Travel
Wenger House
Telephone: 3324119

Hertz Rent-A-Car
Bhikaiji Cama Place
Telephone: 6197188, 6170727

43, Basant Lok
Vasant Vihar
Telephone: 6142498 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Delhi has a range of hotels and guest houses for different budget needs.

Deluxe Hotels
50 B, Chanakyapuri
Telephone: 61101101
Fax: 91-11-6873216, 687060

Welcomgroup Maurya Sheraton Hotel and Towers
Diplomatic Enclave
Sardar Patel Marg
Telephone: 6112233
Fax: 6113333

The Oberoi
Dr.Zakir Hussain Marg
Telephone: 4363030
Fax: 4360484

Hyatt Regency
Bhikaiji Cama Place
Telephone: 6791234
Fax: 6791122

Taj Mahal
1, Man Singh Road
Telephone: 3026162
Fax: 3026070

Taj Palace
Sardar Patel Marg
Telephone: 6110202
Fax: 6110808

Radisson Hotel
National Highway 8
On Delhi-Gurgaon Road
Telephone: 6129191
Fax: 6129090

Parkroyal, Nehru Place
Telephone: 6223344
Fax: 6223288

Le Meridien
Windsor Place
Telephone: 3710101
Fax: 3714545, 3716989

Intercontinental New Delhi
Barakhamba Avenue
Connaught Place
Telephone: 3320101
Fax: 3325335

15 Parliament Street
Telephone: 3733737
Fax: 3732025

The Oberoi Maidens
7 Sham Nath Marg
Telephone: 3975464
Fax: 3980771

The Surya
New Friends Colony
Telephone: 6835070
Fax: 6837758

Imperial Janpath
Telephone: 3342234
Fax: 3342255

The Claridges
12 Aurangzeb Road
Telephone: 3010211
Fax: 3010625

Vasant continental
Vasant Vihar
Telephone: 6148800
Fax: 6145959,6148900
Centaur Hotel
IGI Airport
Telephone: 5652223
Fax: 5652256

Sujan Singh Park
Telephone: 4632600
Fax: 4638219, 4632252 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Standard Hotels

Kautilya Marg Chanakyapuri Telephone: 6110606
Fax: 6887047, 4679056

3 Rajendra Place
Telephone: 5762501
Fax: 5781016

19 Ashok Road
Telephone: 3344422
Fax: 3368242

Hans Plaza
Hansalaya Building
15 Barakhamba Road
Telephone: 3316861
Fax: 3314830

Hotel Janpath
Telephone: 3340070
Fax: 3347083

Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg
Telephone: 6521010
Fax: 6968287, 6960828

9 Sardar Patel Road
Telephone: 3010204
Fax: 3018605

L Block, Connaught Circus
Telephone: 3322419
Fax: 3353957

Lala Lajpat Rai Marg
Telephone: 4362422
Fax: 4362082, 4360883

G-59, Connaught Circus
Telephone: 3325658
Fax: 3328609

N-49, Connaught Circus
Telephone: 3315481

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Road
Telephone: 3131256
Fax: 3239499 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

19 Ashoka Road
Telephone: 33444511
Fax: 3368153

4/15A Asaf Ali Road
Telephone: 3273821
Fax: 3269966

The Connaught
37, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg
Telephone: 3364255
Fax: 3340757

16/90, Connaught Circus
Telephone: 3344328
Fax: 3732796

Krishna Continental
31-32, Community Centre
Telephone: 6850101
Fax: 651379

Asian International
Janpath Lane
Telephone: 3340101
Fax: 3340202

Central Court
N Block, Connaught Circus
Telephone: 3315013
Fax: 3313628

Host Inn
F-33 Connaught Place
Telephone: 3310523
Fax: 3313628

Fifty Five
H-55, Connaught Circus
Telephone: 3321244
Fax: 3320769

Mathura Road
Telephone: 4316666
Fax: 4317442

Ring Road Lajpat Nagar
Telephone: 6436451
Fax: 6435657

K-10, Connaught Circus
Telephone: 3323019, 3323769
Fax: 3352419

YMCA Tourist Hostel
Jai Singh Road
Telephone: 3361915
Fax: 3341763 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Most banks offer money exchange facilities. Travellers cheques can be encashed at most foreign banks and at the main branches of the Indian banks. Banking hours are from 10 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday:

Two banks open 24 hours a day for foreign exchange:

The Central Bank
Ashok Hotel
Telephone: 4675865,4101848

State Bank of India
Indira Gandhi International Airport

Foreign banks in Delhi include:

ANZ Grindlays Bank
Mercantile House
Kasturba Gandhi Marg
Telephone: 3361091

Bank of America
Hansalaya building
15 Barakhamba Road
Telephone: 3722333 (24 hours ATM)

ABN Amro
DLF Centre
Sansad Marg
Telephone: 3755130, 3755407

Banque National de Paris
Hansalaya building
15, Barakhamba Road
Telephone: 3312836,3324211

Jeevan Bharati Building
124, Connaught Circus
Telephone: 3712484, 3714211(24 hours ATM)

Hong Kong Bank
28, Kasturba Gandhi Marg
Telephone: 3716000 (24 hours ATM)

Standard Chartered Bank
17 Sansad Marg
Telephone: 3368888

The Bank of Tokyo Ltd.
Jeevan Vihar
3 Sansad Marg
Telephone: 3360052

Deutsche Bank
Tolstoy House
15-17 Tolstoy Marg
Telephone: 3721150/51 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Indian Banks dealing with foreign exchange:

State Bank of India
11, Sansad Marg
Telephone: 3746265, 3362635

Indian Overseas Bank
C-33, Connaught Place
Telephone: 3325209/2957

Bank of India
Vijaya Building
Barakhamba Road
Telephone: 3326172 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Post Offices

There are small post offices all around the city and nine head post offices including Sarojini Nagar, Lodhi Road, Gole Dak Khana, Kishan Nagar and IP Estate.

Head Post office
Sansad Marg
Telephone: 3715605

Foreign Post Office
IP Estate
Kotla Road (opp. Times of India Building)
Telephone: 3235501

EMS Speed Post at:
Safdarjung sorting Office
Telephone: 4611350

Eastern court
Telephone: 3321878

IGI Airport Terminal-II
Gol Dak Khana
Telephone: 3364111

GPO, Kashmere Gate
Telephone: 2965118, 2965727 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

There are innumerable ISD (International) and STD (Local long distance) booths all around the city. Most of them remain open till midnight. Calls can also be made form the:

International Telegraph Office (Opp.Bangla Sahib Gurdwara)

Telephone: 3324143 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Courier Services

Several good courier services are available and most of them have at least one 24 hour service counter.

D-1, Ashirwad Complex
Green Park
Telephone: 6854072

S-1, Vandana Building
Tolstoy Marg

Overnite Express
Kanishka Hotel
Telephone: 3368924

TNT Worldwide Express
E-4, Defence Colony
Telephone: 4616969

Blue Dart
Gopinath Bazar
Delhi Cantt
Telephone: 5693798, 5693901 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Ansari Nagar
New Delhi-29
Telephone: 6561123

Bara Hindu Rao Hospital
Subzi Mandi
Telephone: 3932362

Dr.Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital
Baba Kharak Singh Marg
Telephone: 3365525

Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital
Nehru Marg
Delhi Gate
Telephone: 3232400, 3233400

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
Karol Bah
Telephone: 578837

Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre
Okhla Road
Telephone: 6844820

Holy Family Hospital
Okhla Road
Telephone: 6845900

Apollo Hospital
Sarita Vihar
Mathura Road
Telephone: 6925801

East West Medical Centre
38, Golf Links
Telephone: 4690429/9229/8865

Centralised Accident & Trauma
service (CATS)
Telephone: 1099

Telephone: 102 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Police assistance booths and police patrol vehicles are located throughout the city at traffic junctions and strategic points.

Telephone: 100 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Important Addresses

Foreigner's Regional Registration Office
Hans Bhawan
Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
Telephone: 3319489

Income Tax Office
Central Revenue Building
IP Estate
Telephone: 3358297

Ministry of Home Affairs
Lok Nayak Bhawan
Khan Market
Telephone: 4623739, 4618105 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
General Information

Area 1483 sq.kms. Altitude 239 m above sea level Language Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi Temperature Min. Max. Summer 27oC 45oC Winter 4oC 25.5oC Rainfall 111 cms. Annually (approx) Clothes Summer Cotton Winter Woollens STD Code 011
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Delhi - Map

Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Rajiv Chowk and Indira Chowk route Map

Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Government Of India Tourist Offices

In India

Agra (Uttar Pradesh)
191, The Mall
Agra 282 001
Telephone/Fax: (0562) 363377, 363959

Aurangabad (Maharashtra)
Krishna Vilas
Station Road
Aurangabad 431 005
Telephone: (0240) 331217
Telephone: (0240) 338577

Bangalore (Karnataka)
KFC Building, 48
Church Street
Bangalore 560 001
Telephone/Fax: (080) 5585417

Bhubaneswar (Orissa)
B/21, B.J.B. Nagar
Bhubaneswar 751 014
Telephone: (0674) 432203

Calcutta (West Bengal)
Embassy' ,4
Shakespeare Sarani
Calcutta 700 071
Telephone: (033) 2821402, 2821475
Fax: (033) 2823521

Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
154, Anna Salai
Chennai 600 002
Telephone: (044) 8524295, 8510459
Fax: (044) 8522193

Kamaraj (Domestic) Airport
Telephone: 2340386

Anna International Airport
Telephone: 2345801

Guwahati (Assam)
G.L Publication Complex
G.S. Road
Guwahati - 781007
Telephone/Fax: (0361) 547407

Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
Sandozi Building
2nd Floor, 26
Hyderabad 500 029
Telephone: (040) 7630037

Imphal (Manipur)
Old Lambulane
Jail Road
Imphal 795 001
Telephone/Fax: (03852) 221131 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
State Hotel
Khasa Kothi
Jaipur 302 001
Telephone /Fax: (0141) 372200

Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh)
Near Western Group of Temples
Khajuraho 471 606
Telephone: (07686) 42347, 42348

Kochi (Kerala)
Willingdon Island
Kochi 682 009
Telephone: (0484) 668352

Mumbai (Maharashtra)
123 M Karve Road
Opp. Churchgate
Mumbai 400 020
Telephone: (022) 2033144, 2033145, 2074333/4
Fax: (022) 2014496

Naharlagun (Arunachal Pradesh)
Sector 'C’
Naharlagun 791 110
Telephone: (03781) 44328 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
New Delhi
88, Janpath
New Delhi 110 001
Telephone: (011) 3320342, 3320005,3320008,3320266
Fax: (011) 3320342

Domestic Airport Counter
Telephone: (011) 5665296

International Airport Counter
Telephone: (011) 5691171

Panaji (Goa)
Communidade Building
Church Square
Panaji 403 001
Telephone: (0832) 223412

Patna (Bihar)
Sudama Palace
Kankar Bagh Road
Patna 800 020
Telephone/Fax: (0612) 345776

Port Blair (Andaman & Nicobar Islands)
VIP Road
189 11 Floor
Port Blair 744 103
Telephone: (03192) 33006

Shillong (Meghalaya)
Tirot Singh Sylem Road
Police Bazaar
Shillong 793 001
Telephone/Fax: (0364) 225632

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)
Airport Counter
Telephone: (0471) 451498

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)
15-B, The Mall
Varanasi 221 002
Telephone/Fax: (0542) 343744 Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi

Argentina (Buenos Aires)
AV Cordoba -950-9 'A' - Capital Fedral
Buenos Aires
Telephone: 0054-1- 43265391
Fax:0054-1- 43265143

Australia (Sydney)
Level 2, Piccadilly
210 Pitt Street
New South Wales - 2000
Telephone: 0061-2-92644855
Fax: 0061-2-92644860

Canada (Toronto)
60, Bloor Street
West Suite 1003
Canada - M$W 3 B8
Telephone: 001-416-962-3787/3788
Fax: 001-416-962-6279

France (Paris)
11113 Bis Boulevard Hausmann
F-76009 Paris
4 France
Telephone: 0033-1-45233045
Fax: 0033-1-45233345

Germany (Frankfurt)
Basolar Strasse 48
Frankfurt AM MAIN -1
Federal Republic of Germany
Telephone 0049-69-2429490
Fax. 0049-69-24294977

Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
Israel (Tel Aviv)
Sharbat House - E - 5
4, Kaufman Street
Tel Aviv - 68012
Telephone: 00972-3-5101407
Fax: 00972-5100894

Via-Albricci 9
Milan 21022
Telephone: 0039-2-8053506
Fax :0039-2-72021681

Japan (Tokyo)
Pearl Building, 9-18-7
Chome, Ginza
Tokyo 104-0061
Telephone: 0081-3-3571-5197/5196/5062 / 63
Fax: 0081-3-3571-5235

The Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Rokin 9-15
1012 KK Amsterdam
Telephone: 0031-20-6208991
Fax: 0031-20-6383059

Russian Federation (Moscow)
20, Petrovskie Linii
Suite 30
Telephone: 007-095-2003581/2003579
Fax: 007-095-2003071
Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
20, Kraniat Lane, # 01-O1A
United House
Telephone: 0065-235-3800
Fax: 0065-235-8677

South Africa (Johannesburg)
P.O. Box - 412542
Craig Hall 2024
South Africa
Telephone: 0027-11-3250880
Fax 0027-11-3250881

Spain (Madrid)
Avenida Pio XII 30-32
Madrid 28016
Telephone: 0034-1-3457339
Fax: 0034-1-3457340

Sweden (Stockholm)
Sveavagen 9-11
8th Floor
S-11,157 Stockholm
Telephone: 0046-8-101197
Fax: 0046-8-210186

UAE (Dubai)
Post Box 12856
NASA Building
AL Maktoum Street Deira
Telephone: 00-971-4-2274848
Fax: 00-971-4-2274013

Freeindia > Tourism > Delhi
United Kingdom (London)
7 Cork Street
London W1X 2AB
Telephone: 0044-207-7346613
0044 -207-4373677
Fax: 0044-207-4941048

USA (Los Angeles)
3550 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 204
Los Angeles
California 90010-2485
Telephone: 001-213-380-8855
Fax: 001 -213-380-6111

USA (New York)
1270, Avenue of Americas
Suite 1808 (18th Floor)
New York
NY 10020-1700
Telephone: 001-212-586-4901/2/3
Fax: 001-212-592-3274

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