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Freeindia > Biographies of Great Indians > Gods And Goddesses
Ganesha The Lord of Wisdom.The Son of Ishwara and Parvati. When they were in trouble and helpless, by killing Talasura and outwitting Ravana He is also worshipped as the God who grants success. [ More... ] Kartikeya Son of Shiva and Parvati. Worshipped through various names also such as kumaraswamy, Shanmukha, Subrahmanya. He resurrected the path of virtue by killing Tarkasura and Shurapadma who were harassing the world. [ More... ] Parvati Consort of Lord Shiva. By Rigorous penance she won over Shiva, himself a great ascetic. Mother of Shanmukha and Ganesha. By becoming wife of Shiva she paved a way for the spread of peace of felicity in the world. [ More... ] Sitadevi Wife of Rama, prince of Ayodhya. When Rama gave up the throune and set out tot he forest, Sita followed Rama to the forest. Abducted by Ravana, and to prove her chastity she did not hesitate to enter fire and she emerged unhurt, establishing her purity. [ More... ] Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth. Wife of Sri Maha Vishnu. In different incarnations of Vishnu she married Sri Rama as Sita, Sri Krishna as Rukmini and Sri Venkateshwara as Padmavati. She resides in a place where virtue, righteousness , truth and compassion prevail. [ More... ] Sri Krishna The matchless hero who held the fate of emperors in the palm of his hand but himself never desired a throne. He gave world the 'Bhagavadgeetha' He is the architect of Dharma who lives for ever in the hearts of the people of India. [ More... ] Sri Rama Worshipped as the seventh Avatara ( descent ) of Visnu, the life and character of Sri Rama represents most excellent model of the values of life upheld by Indian culture. [ More... ] Gotama Buddha On the full moon day of May ( Vesakha ) in the year 623 B.C.( some 2600 years ago ) the Buddha was born in the Lumbini Park, at Kapilavatthu ( Kapilvastu ), on the Indian borders of present Nipal in the Himalayan foothills. [ More... ] Mahaveer The young prince who gave up power, position and money to follow hte path of Jainish. He spent twelve long years in strict meditation and became a light to millions. [ More... ]

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Published on: 2003-01-21 (56703 reads)

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