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Savithri She chose a noble young man for her husband. She knew he had only a year to live, but yet she married him. Even the God of Death bowed to her love and devotion and restored her husband to life. [ More... ] Draupadi The wife of the great Pandavas. renowned alike for her loveliness and her granite will. Volcanic, she reduced her enemies to the ashes. But her story is a saga of suffering. [ More... ] Ekalavya A Student's distinction lies in his devout pursuit of know- ledge, and not merely in his heritage. This manifests in a splendid manner in Ekalavya's life. He worshipped an idol of his 'Guru' mastered archery. when his master desired his right thumb as fee,he smilingly sacrificed it. [ More... ] Veer Abhimanyu The matchless youth who won immortality by his shining heroism in the great Mahabharatha war. Pitted against the mightiest of the mighty in the enemies' ranks, this warrior barely sixteen became sheet anchor of the Pandavas. [ More... ] Lakshmana Younger brother of Sri Rama, Lakshmana personifies brotherly love and self - effacement. When Sri Rama had to wage war against Ravana to rescue Sita, he whole heartedly collaborated in hte venture. [ More... ] Karna A Great Hero of hte 'Mahabharata'. Karna lived such a life that he became another name for generosity and loyalty. It was his misfortune to be shunned as a person of low caste. He sacrifice his life for his master. [ More... ] Dr.Ananda K.Coomaraswamy Ananda K. Coomaraswamy who was born in Ceylon ( Sri Lanka ) and grew up in England, taught the west the way to approach and understand the arts of India. His whole life was dedicated to the study and exposition of Indian culture. [ More... ] Madana Mohana Malaviya The founder of Benaras Hindu University. His boyhood was spent in utter poverty. By his scholarship, pure life and selflessness he won such respect that he collected more that thirteen million rupees for the university. [ More... ] Bhishma One of the most honoured figures of the Indian epic, the Mhabharata. He gave up marriage and throne for his father's sake. To the people of India he is the symbol of mature wisdom. [ More... ] Vidura A Great man who shines even in the galaxy of the mighty characters of the ' Mahabharata'. Affection did not dim his wisdom. Fearlessly he walked the path of righteousness. He showed the same pathe to others. [ More... ] Nandalal Bose A Celebrated painter of modern India. A genius who was admired in many countries. His was an attractive personaity, which combined boundless learning and a unique genius with unaffected modesty and gentle humour. [ More... ] Lava-Kusha Sons of Rama and Sita. After Rama sent away sita who was pregnant, to the forest the twin children were born to her in the hermitage of sage Valmiki. Lava and kusha ties the horse of Rama and successfully fought Bharata, Lakshmana and Rama himself. At last are finally reunited with Rama. [ More... ] Jijabai The mother of Shivaji who was the protector of the country as well religion. She was the embodiment of self - respect. That great mother suffered in silence and became a source of inspiration to her heroic son. [ More... ] Chanakya He vowed to dethrone the haughty king who was harassing the people of the land. His 'Arthashastra' is a classic of statecraft and is reverently studied in Europe and else where. [ More... ] Arundhati The place of Arundhati, the wife of Brahmarsi Vasistha, is counted as one of the highest among the wives fully devoted to their husbands. [ More... ] Anasuya Sati Anasuya was the wife of sage Atri. Pleasing Bhagavan Shiva with a formidable penance she got Bhagavan Dattatreya as her son. [ More... ] Kannagi The name of Kannagi is recalled as a unique example indicating her dedication ( devotion ) to her husband ( pativratya ) and her chastity ( Satitva ). [ More... ] Arjuna The brave hero of Mahabharata, third of the five Pandava brothers, unmatched weilder of bow and arrow ( an archer). [ More... ] Rantideva The Srimad Bhagavatam glorifies King Rantideva who, at the point of breaking a 48-day fast, fed two beggars the very food he was about to eat. [ More... ] Thakkara Bappa A famous server of society who, moved by the pitiable conditon of the denizens of the jungles, devoted his entire life and energy to the service of them and to the improvement of their condition. [ More... ] Jyotirava Phule The great social-reformer of Maharashtra, Mahatma Phule made stringent efforts to reform the condition of the deprived ( neglected ) untouchables and women. [ More... ] Keshub Chunder Sen In the renowned family of Sens of Coluotola in Calcutta, Keshub Chunder was born on 19 November1838. [ More... ] Mother Teresa Her face deeply deemed with the passing years, Mother Teresa in her blue-bordered, coarse cotton white sari is a familiar fighter on the streets of Calcutta. [ More... ] -->

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Published on: 2003-01-20 (57326 reads)

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