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Jyotirava Phule

Freeindia > Biographies > Great Personalities > Jyotirava Phule
Jyotirava Phule

Extant during Kaliyuga's years 4928 to 4991 ( 1827 to 1890A.D. )

The great social-reformer of Maharashtra, Mahatma Phule made stringent efforts to reform the condition of the deprived ( neglected ) untouchables and women. He was of the conviction that with education the condition of the disregarded and of women can be made better. He is regarded as the foremost among the social reformers who opened schools for the education of women and Harijans. He put up the demand before the Hunter Commission for imparting universal compulsory primary education. He was a staunch supporter of social equality and he determinedly fought against the practice of untouchability. In the Kaliyuga's year 4975 ( i.e. 1874 A.D.) he established an organisation named Satya Shodhak Samaj, with a view to educate people in the vast human Dharma at large; he strongly opposed the practice of removal of the hairs from the heads of the widows. For the orphan boys he opened orphanages ( Anathasrama ) and for the supportless women he opened maternity homes ( Sutikagrha ). By attacking orthodoxy and blind faith Jyotiba educated people intellectually.

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Published on: 2003-02-03 (4302 reads)

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Jyotirava Phule
Jyotirava Phule
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