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Freeindia > Biographies of Great Indians > Sages, Rushis And Saints
Shankaracharya One of the greatest philosophers and savants of Bharat. He established four spiritual centres in the four corners of the country, thus upholding the underlying unity of the holy land of Bharat. [ More... ] Samartha Ramadas Shivaji's preceptor and guide, Ramadas imparted to him the message that till we fulfil the required duty towards the motherland. he provide succour and guidance to thousands. [ More... ] Vasishta Vasishta was a great ascetic. He was the preceptor of great men like Sri Rama and Harischandra. He had conquered anger and desire. He was a great saint who humbled insolent men. [ More... ] Madhwacharya He is the saint who installed the idol of Sri Krishna at Udupi in Karnataka. The philosophy he preached was previously known as 'Tattwavade'. Now it is know as 'Dwaita'. [ More... ] Veda Vyasa The 'Mahabharata' remains a marvel in the literature of hte worlod. Veda Vyasa was the sage who gave the world this storehouse of realism, wisdom and compassion. [ More... ] Tukaram A Great Saint who lived only for his God Vittala. He faced varieties of difficulties wiht astonishing patience. His devotional songs are an invaluable contribution to Marathi spiritual literature. [ More... ] Ramana Maharshi A Great Soul, He left home in boyhood seeking knowledge and peace. Ramana Maharshi was full of compassion for all living beings. He became kindly light to all who came to him seeking peace of mind. [ More... ] Swami Vivekananda The Valiant monk who proclaimed in America the greatness of Hinduism and of Indian culture at a time when the west regarded India as a land of Barbarians. The beloved disciple of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He was the great thinker and mighty man of action. [ More... ] Bharadwaja A Sage of the Vedic period - a great seer who attained extraordinary scholarship and power of meditation. An enlightened man who used his might for punishing the wicked and protecting the poor and the weak. [ More... ] Dayananda Saraswathi The founder of hte Arya Samaj. The great sage who sought to restore to Hinduism its natural radiance and wisdom. A fearless reformer. he saved the man who poisoned him. so boundless was his goodness. [ More... ] Parashurama Parashurama - the epic hero with an axe - was a real 'Yama' ( God of Death) to the evil and arrogant. He traversed and earth twenty-one times and punished hte evil - doers who were harrassing the people. Parashurama is recognised as one of the immortals an dan incarnation of God Vishnu. [ More... ] Ramaujacharya Chief exponent of hte Vishishtadvaita school of Vedanta and great social reformer. " If i can bring deliverance ot so many, I do not mind being condemned to hell," he said, and spread his spiritual message to eventhe lowliest of classes of poeple. He established the yatiraja Math and the Cheluva- narayanaswami temple at Melkote in Karnataka. [ More... ] Ramasingh Kuka Ram Singh was a religious leader and a good preceptor. He preached purity of body and purity of mind. He himself practised both. He opposed lavish spending at marriages and taught people to help the poor. He also worked against British Empire and breathed his last in a far-off prison. [ More... ] Vishwamitra Vishwamitra quarrelled wiht Vashishta and was defeated. But Vashishta himself named him as a Brahmarshi. He tested the truthfulness of Harischandra. in him we see a confluence of three high qualities - valour, knowledge and sympathy - which have made him great. [ More... ] Agasthya The mighty sage to hwom the moutain bowed, and who drank the sea empty. He humbled the arrogant and punished the wicked. He is the symbol of man's heroism and confident strength. [ More... ] Vedanta Deshikar A Great scholar and saint who lived about six hundred years ago. His personality was a blend of immense scholarship and a matching devotion of God.Love for mankind marked his eventful life; and he was full of piety and humility. [ More... ] Vidyaranya A great and famous saint who is known as the founder of Karnataka. When people had lost all hope, he proved inspirationto Hakka and Bukka who filled the people with hope and courage. He stove to strong-then the foundations of the empire of Vidyanagar. [ More... ] Narada A holy personage and celestial musician, always facilitating the good of the world; engaged in aiding hte pious in times of challenge and in hastening theretribution of evil-doers. Traversing the three worlds, he spread the Path of Devotion to the Lord. [ More... ] Basaveshwara The revolutionary who taught that right conduct is heaven. he declared that work is worship and taught the ideals of simple living and the equality of all men. And he practised what he preached. [ More... ] Yajnavalkya A Brahmarshi. The master mind that produced 'Shukla Yajurveda'. He was the master who guided thousands of persons, from king Janaka tot he commonest students on the path of Enlightment. [ More... ] Narayana Guru The Saint - reformer, who led a quiet but significant social revolution. A Champion of the humble and the downtrodden, he gave the watchwords : " One people, one Dharma, One God for all men." [ More... ] Nachiketa He sought knowledge at a very tender age.His father one day told him " I have gifted you to the Lord of Death.' This curse turned out to be a boon. He met the lord of Death and by his humility won him and leart the secrets of spiritual life. He is a true sage and a beacon- light for others in the path of knowledge. [ More... ] Markandeya Born in the clan of Bhrigu Rishi, Markandeya had been a dedicated celebate and stringent ascetic. Even when he was young in age, the prophets had declared that he shall be short lived. [ More... ] Sukadeva Son of Vyasa, of ascetic bent of mind right from his early childhood, having inquisitiveness -jijnasa- for Brahma-Vidya (knowledge of the Absolute Being) and a preacher of devotion to God. [ More... ] Visvakarma Vishvakarma, the foremost expert in the science of architecture and art of craftsmanship of the Universe, is credited with the construction of numerous grand cities in the world of gods (Devaloka) and that of human beings. [ More... ] Gorakhnath The Natha Sampradayas or lines of related sects are said to have originated mostly from Matsyendranath and Gorakhanath. [ More... ] Panini Panini's grammar (6th century BCE or earlier) provides 4,000 rules that describe the Sanskrit of his day completely. This grammar is acknowledged to be one of the greatest intellectual achievements of all time. [ More... ] Patanjali Patanjali lived about 2,500 years ago; he is the author of Maha_bha_shya, an elaboration of Panini's grammar. He is revered for his Yoga Sutras, 196 concise aphorisms that set forth the principles of yoga. [ More... ] Nimbarka Sri Nimbarka Acharya comes in the line of the Kumara Smpradaya and is believed to have lived around the 11th and 12th centuries. Born in the modern Murgarapattam in the southern Dravidian province. [ More... ] Jhulelal Jhulelal is revered as the River God by Sindhis. Jhulelal temple is at Gandhidham in Gujarat. [ More... ] Mahaprabhu Chaitanya Gaudiya Vaishnavism as a widespread movement of bhakti or devotion was begun by Sri Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu, who appeared in West Bengal in the late 15th century. [ More... ] Tiruvalluvar The Holy Kural was written by a weaver, Tiruvalluvar, who lived with his wife, Vasuki, in what is today a part of Madras in South India in the st century before the birth of Christ. [ More... ] Maharishi Devala There had been two famous sages with this name. In accordance with the Harivamsa Purana, one of them had been the son of Pratyush Vasu and the second was that of Asita. [ More... ] Sant Ravidasa The famous saint of the period of devotion (Bhakti-kala) Ravidas was extant during the Kaliyuga's 46th and 47th centuries ( i.e. 16th century A.D.). [ More... ] Kabir Kabir was born probably from Hindu parents but he was brought up in a Muslim family. He became a disciple of Swami Ramananda. [ More... ] Guru Nanak The great saint, the pioneer of Sikh tradition (its first preceptor) who made Vedantic knowledge easy to grasp for the ordinary persons by presenting the same in a simple language of the people. [ More... ] Saint Jnanesvara Jnaneshvara had been a great saint in Maharashtra and a great poet of Marathi language. [ More... ] Purandaradasa Purandara Dasa is famous among the Haridasas of Karnataka; foremost among the talented Karnatic composers. [ More... ] Swami Sahajananda Sahajanand on agricultural labour and the rural poor an edited translation of Khet mazdoor. [ More... ] Swami Ramananda He's a man who whistles and the hawks come, fly in circles over his head. He builds steps out of the mountain on the grounds of The Sadhana Society in Skull Valley and the baby javelinas nibble on his shoes. [ More... ] Rishi Bharata The foremost Acharya (Professor) of Natya Sastra (the work on Music, Dance and Drama), Bharata Muni's Natyashastra presents a thorough and subtle study of music, dance, drama and their background sentiments . [ More... ] Kapila Muni Kapila Muni, said to be son of sage Kardama and Devahuti, has been counted as one of the twenty four avatars of Vishnu in Shrimad Bhagavata Purana and mentioned as a great ascetic (Tapasvi) and an accomplished person (Siddha Purusa) in other Puranas. [ More... ] Kanaada Sage Kanaad is regarded as the propounder of the Vaisesika Darsana, the atomistic philosophy. [ More... ] Sri Ramakrsna Paramahansa The famous ascetic (renunciate) householder, saintly accomplished person (endowed with supernatural powers - Siddha Purusa) of Bengal, Swami Vivekananda has been whose disciple. [ More... ] Swami Rama Tirtha Born in the family of Goswami Tulsidas, in the Gujaranwala district of (Western) Punjab, Sri Tirth Rama got himself initiated in asceticism (Sannyasa) at the age of 28 years, leaving his job as a lecturer in a college, and became well known as Swami Rama Tirth. [ More... ] Sri Aurobindo Sri Aurobindo had been an excellent political leader of India, a revolutionary, a Yogi and a grand teacher of Bharatiya culture. [ More... ] Yogi Vemana A poet of the people, a philosopher of equality and a fighting saint, Vemana was unique in many ways. His teachings have much contemporary relevance for he was a dreamer of one world and of the universal brotherhood of man. [ More... ] Mahaprabu Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhu Vallabhucharya was born in 1479.A child of prodigious intellect, Vallabhacharya became intensely interested in study of philosophy and religion even at a young age. [ More... ] Sant Namdeo Many supernatural incidents are related about Namdeo's life but the historical facts are clear only in their broad outline.He was born in 1270 A.C. at Narasi-Bamani in Parbh and District, a child of DamasHet and Gonai. [ More... ] Swami Virjanand Swami Virjanand the blind sage of Mathura and the celebrated teacher of Swami Dayanand Saraswati who founded the arya Samaj was born in a ploace near Jullundur iun the year 1778 in a Brahmin family. [ More... ] Saint Arunagirinathar Among the Tamil knowing people, Saint Arunagirinthar's name is greatly cherished, not only for the notable events in his life, but also for the excellence of his literary compositions. [ More... ] Swami Sivananda Swami Sivananda was born on the 8th of September, 1887, to pious parents, Sri Vengu Aiyer and Smt. Parvati Ammal, in the serene and peaceful village ofPattamadai, District Tirunelveli, Tamildadu. [ More... ] Bhakta Kanakadas Bhakta Kanakadas (1488-1578) was a mystic, saint and singer of Karnataka. The son of Beerappa, A 'danayaka' (army chief) who controlled 78 villages, and Bachamma, Helearnt the arts of war and administration. [ More... ] Jain Muni Mishrimalji Jain Muni Mishrimalji was a great saint, profound thinker and a vigorous preacher. By his fluent discourses in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, Urdu and Rajasthani languages and about 180 philosophical-literary compositions. [ More... ] Tukdoji Maharaj Sant Tukdoji Manahraj was born on 30th April in 1909 at Yawali in amravati District. He received spiritual initiation from Videhi paramahama Samarth Adkiji Maharaj of Warkhed gram. [ More... ] Sant Kavi Sunderdas Sant Kavi Sundersas was born at the old capital Dausa (Dyosa) of Jaipur states on Chaitra Shukla Ramnavmi in Samvat 1653 Vikram (1596 AD). He had his early education in Varanasi. [ More... ] Bhagwan Gopinathji Jagadguru Bhagawan Gopinathji was one of the most renitent saints who have graced the sacred land of India. With his spiritual power, he did a lot of good to spiritual aspirants and house-holders. [ More... ] Hanuman Prasad Poddar Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar was one of the luminaries of the nation resurgence and spiritual renaissance that swept the country in the early part of the century. [ More... ] Swami Shraddhanand Swami Shraddhanand was born at Talwan(Jullundur) in 1913 (Vikram Era) corresponding to 1856. a well known and well-to-do Khatri family. [ More... ] Sadhu Vaswani Shri Thanwardas Lilaram Vaswani was born on November 25, 1879 in Hyderabad (Sind).A brilliant student, an 'Ellis Scholar' and a fellow of the D.J. Sind College Karachihe was appointed a professor at the Metropolitan College, Calcutta after passing his M.A. Examination. [ More... ] Paramahansa Yogananda The ideal of love for God and service in humanity found full expression in the life of Paramahansa Yogananda. Born on January 5, 1893 at Gorakhpur. [ More... ] Guru Amar Das 1979 marks ht equincentenary of the birth of Guru Amar Das, a spiritual teacher with a rare mystical insight and wide human sympathy. He was one of the Ten Gurus or Prophet-teachers of the Sikh faith. [ More... ] Swami Haridas Swami Haridas who was born in 1478A. D. and had his Nikunj Pravesh (Nirvan) in 1573 A. D. was a saint-poet, philosopher and the celebrated Guru of Baiju Bawraand Tansen and many other great musicians. [ More... ] Shri Yogiji Maharaj Yogiji Maharaj was born in Dhari, A small village in Saurashtra Gujarat in 1892. After a quite childhood one of silent spiritual rhythm he became a saint at the age of 18. [ More... ] Prajapita Brahma Dada Lekh Raj, better known as Prajapita Brahma, was the founder of the Prajapita Brahma Ishwariya Vishwa vidyalaya with its headquarters at Mount Abu in Rajasthan. [ More... ] Bhai Kanhaiya Ji Bhai Kanhaiya Ji was born at village Sodhra near Wazirabad on the banks of river Chenab in 1648. Bhai Kanhaiyaji was devoted to the cause of the needy and down-trodden. [ More... ] Guru Govind Singh The last of the human Gurus of Sikh Panth, Guru Govind Singh had been the son of the ninth Guru, Sri Tegh Bahadur. [ More... ] J. Krishnammurti J. Krishnamurti, the philosopher sage, ever young in mind, straight backed with the majesty and beauty of an ancient deodar tree, wandered around the world. [ More... ] Dadheechi Dadheechi after acquiring spiritual knowledge, led a pious life. When prayed for by Indra and other gods, he readily sacrificed his life as well as body, in order that the gods might win in their war against demons. [ More... ] Bhargiratha Thegreat hero who brought down the Ganga from the heaven to the earth. Bhagiratha has become another name for a will of steel that never accepts defeat. [ More... ] Bahubali Bahubali defeated his elder brother who was puffed up with pride, but at that very moment understood his life's aim. He gave back the kingdom to his defeated brother and went away to meditate the God. He enriched the lives of his fellowmen with the light he received. [ More... ] Gargi Gargi, the wise and learned daughter of Rishi (sage) Vachaknu, was known as Brahmavadini because of her having the knowledge of Brahma-vidya. [ More... ] Sarada Ma Mother Sarada was the wife of Swami Ramakrsna Paramahansa. By fully adapting her life to her ascetic husband she became a real follower and cooperator in Dharma of the Paramahansa Maharaj. [ More... ]

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