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Sarada Ma

Freeindia > Biographies > Sages, Rushis And Saints > Sarada Ma
Sarada Ma

Mother Sarada was the wife of Swami Ramakrsna Paramahansa. By fully adapting her life to her ascetic husband she became a real follower and cooperator in Dharma of the Paramahansa Maharaj.The relationship between mother Sarada and Swami Ramakrishna was not bodily and worldly but was spiritual, unworldly ( alaukika ). Swami Ramakrishna regarded Mother Sarada as the World-Mother ( Jagadamba ) and she regarded him as the World's Lord ( Jagadiswara ). After the demise ( Mahasamadhi ) of Ramakrishns Paramahansa, Mother Sarada looked after Swami Vivekananda and the other disciples of the Paramahansa like her own sons. Moulding her life fully in the spiritual mould, Sarada Ma led the disciples of her husband on the path of Spirituality.

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Published on: 2003-01-31 (6546 reads)

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Sarada Ma
Sarada Ma
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