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Sant Ravidasa

Freeindia > Biographies > Sages, Rushis And Saints > Sant Ravidasa
Sant Ravidasa

The famous saint of the period of devotion ( Bhakti-kala ) Ravidas was extant during the Kaliyuga's 46th and 47th centuries ( i.e. 16th century A.D.). He was born in a family of the leather workers. He resided in Kashi and was the disciple of the famous Vaishnava saint Ramananda. Even working as a shoe-maker he, through his uncommon poetic creations on devotion to Lord Krishna, gave expression to his pure and gentle emotional personality. In contrast to Kabir whom he visited during his ( Kabir's ) old age, occasionally, to enjoy his good company ( Satsanga ), Ravidas was of an amiable nature.

Bhagat Ravidas (born 15th century AD) was a saint among the Sikhs, who believed that there was only one creator. He was pious and religious minded right from the beginning and thus came in contact with many spiritual men and adopted Swami Ramanand as his Guru. Ravidas made his living as a cobbler. He distributed a major part of his income among the poor and needy. Once Queen Jallibai presented him with costly clothes and ornaments as depicted above. He enlightened her by saying that the name of God was more precious than the ornaments.

Ravidas: 41 hymns A contemporary of Bhagat Kabir and a disciple of Bhagat Ramanand, Bhagat Ravidas represents the culmination of the Bhakti Movement. He had many desciples because of his spirituality. He stressed a life of simplicity and piety.

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Published on: 2003-01-31 (4360 reads)

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Sant Ravidasa
Sant Ravidasa
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