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Maharishi Devala

Freeindia > Biographies > Sages, Rushis And Saints > Maharishi Devala
Maharishi Devala

There had been two famous sages with this name. In accordance with the Harivamsa Purana, one of them had been the son of Pratyush Vasu and the second was that of Asita. The second one on being cursed by Rambha became Astavakra ( the man having eight deformities in his body ). The same Devala was mentioned in as the spokesman of the book of Laws ( Dharmasastra ). He had been a disciple of Vedavyasa. The work Devala-Smrti is still available wherein he has made a provision for taking back those who get converted to an alien religion.

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Published on: 2003-01-31 (3814 reads)

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Maharishi Devala
Maharishi Devala
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