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Guru Govind Singh

Freeindia > Biographies > Sages, Rushis And Saints > Guru Govind Singh
Dasamesa (Guru Govind Singh)

Extant during the Kaliyuga' s 4767 to 4809 ( i.e. 1666 - 1708 A.D ) years. The last of the human Gurus of Sikh Panth, Guru Govind Singh had been the son of the ninth Guru, Sri Tegh Bahadur. His earlier name had been Guru Govinda Raya. He established the Khalsa Panth, an order of soldiers to fight against the alien and unjust rule of the Mughals. Initiated for the protection of Dharma each of these soldiers were called by Sri Guru Sahib a, Singh ( lion ), that is why he called himself too as such and thus came to be known as Guru Govind Singh. He awakened the spirit of heroism ( brilliance ) of the brave fighters ( Ksatra Teja ) among the Hindus and organised them. Two of his own sons - Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh - laid down their lives fighting against Mughals and two of his younger sons aged 13 and 11 years - Fateh Singh and Joravar Singh sacrificed their lives by prefering to be killed through being laid alive among brick laying in a wall rather than yielding to conversion into Islam on the order of the Nawab of Sarhind.At the time of creating the order of the Khalsa ( the pure ones ), the five persons who offered themselves for being beheaded as a gesture of self-sacrifice and were declared by the Guru to be the Panj Pyaras ( the five dear ones ) included persons from various castes. Guru Govind Singh had been at once a great poet, scholar and a brave soldier along with being a saint who established and protected Dharma through his conduct and character. He established a permanent 11th and the last Guru for the Sikh Panth in the form of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. His own writings, those include - ' Vichitra Natak ' ( The strange drama ), ' Akal-Stuti ', ' Chaubis Avatar Katha ' ( Stories of 24 Vishnu incarnations ) out of which the ' Ramavatar-Katha ' ( Story of Rama ) is known as ' Govind Ramayana ', are parts of a collection known as Dasham Granth. When Sri Guru Govind Singh was living in Nanded in Maharashtra to the fog end of his life, two Pathans betraying his trust attacked him and caused a fatal wound with which he breathed his last. In changing a religiously docile Sikh Panth into a fighting force against Adharma, Sri Guru Govind Singh played a grand role.

The Tenth Master Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708)

'I establish thee as my son, that you spread My Path. Go and instruct men in Righteousness and the Moral Law, and make people desist from evil.'

I stood up, with joined palms, and bowing my head to Lord God, I said: Thy Path I shall spread only if Thou be at my back.

For this was I born into the world, I utter only how and what God uttered to me, for I am the enemy of no one. He who calls me God will surely burn in the fire of hell. For I am only the servant of God: doubt not the veracity of this statement. I am but the slave of the Supreme Being come to witness His Play. I tell the world only what my God said to me, for I will not be silenced through fear of the mere mortals. I utter as is the Instruction of my God, for I consider no one greater than Him. I am pleased not with any religious garb, so I shall sow the seeds of the Unaccountable One. Nay, I worship not stones, nor am I attracted by denomintional coats. I utter only the name of the Infinite and so attain unto the Supreme Being. I wear not matted hair, nor ear-rings, nor have regard for any such ritual, and do only what God bids me do. I repeat only the Name of One God who fulfills us, at all places. No, I utter not another's name, nor establish another God. I dwell upon the Name of the Infinite One and so realise the essence of the Supreme Light. I give thought to none else, nor utter another's name. O God, with Thy one Name I am imbued. I have no other pride. Yea, I utter only Thy Name and eradicate my endless sins. (Guru Gobind Singh, Vachitra Natak).

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Published on: 2003-01-31 (4697 reads)

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Guru Govind Singh
Dasamesa (Guru Govind Singh)
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