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Freeindia > Biographies > Great Personalities > Arundhati

The place of Arundhati, the wife of Brahmarsi Vasistha, is counted as one of the highest among the wives fully devoted to their husbands. She was daughter of Muni Medhatithi. Her father on persuation ( being inspired ) by God Brahma placed her under the protection of goddess Savitri from whom she received good learning. Arundhati never stayed away from her husband, the saintly sage Vasishtha, and neither she ever obstructed him in his doings. She came virtuous and victorious through a test of her pativratya ( single minded devotion to her husband ) to which she was put through by none else than Bhagavan Shiva himself. Because of her being victorious her renown ( reputation ) increased furthermore. In the formation of Seven Stars ( Saptarsimandala ) in the sky she shines along with the sage as a star ( Naksatra ) quite closely.

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Published on: 2003-01-31 (5043 reads)

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