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Sri Rama

Freeindia > Biographies > Gods And Goddesses > Sri Rama
Sri Rama

Worshipped as the seventh Avatara ( descent ) of Visnu, the life and character of Sri Rama represents most excellent model of the values of life upheld by Indian culture. Because he presented through his life, the best ideal of acting righteously i.e. with propriety ( Maryada ) Bhagavan Rama is remembered as the best man upholding rectitude ( Maryada Purusottama ). Ending the immoral rule and order of Ravana he established, in the form of Rama-Rajya, an ideal political set up. The divine conduct and way of life of Sri Rama is adorned with Truth, Good and Beauty. The divine qualities of Sri Rama have been extolled, in variety of ways, by from the first ever poet Maharshi Valmiki to great sages, saints, philosophers, writers and poets of our own days. Born in the Sun-clan ( Surya Vamsa ) Sri Rama belonged to the line of heritage of Iksvaku, and Raghu. Rama, the son of Dasharatha and the most eminent member of Raghu' s dynasty, had resolved to make the Earth free of the demons ( Nisacarahina ). During the period of exile, having organised and providing better culture to those living in the jungle Sri Rama with their help made the world trouble-free by defeating the Rakshasas. Rama who resides in the minds and hearts of the people of India is the identification of India's identity, its heart throb, symbol, and central point of its aspirations. The longing ( desire ) of Bharat ( India ) is Ramarajya ( the rule and order that was set as an example by Rama ).

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Published on: 2003-01-31 (5252 reads)

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Sri Rama
Sri Rama
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