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Freeindia > Biographies > Great Kings And Queens > Bharata

There have been five famous persons with the name Bharata. The first Bharata was one king during the first tenure of Manu who was a devotee of Visnu. The second Bharata was also a king and a warnor who is said to be the son of Yogi Rsabhadeva. Third Bharata was the brother of Sn Rama, son of Dasharatha and a noble devotee of Rama. The fourth Bharata was the son of Dushyanta who belonged to the Moon-clan ( Chandra Vamsa ), one of the elders of which was king Puru. The ninth in the line of heritage of Bharata was king Kuru, descendants of whom are known as the Kaurava(s) and Pandava(s)of tbe Mahabharata.Tbe fifth Bharata was Bharata Muni, the famous pioneering author of Natyasastra, a basic work on music, dance and dramaturgy. According to a generally accepted view the fourth Bharata, the son of Sakuntala and King Dusyanta ( born of their Gandharva marriage ), who became the Emperor of India after Dushyanta, is the one on whose name India has been named as Bharata. He performed 55 Asvamedha Yajnas on the bank of river Ganges and 78 Ashvamedha Yajnas on the bank of Yamuna river. He made a victory tour in all directions ( digvijaya yatra ), defeated the tyrants and unrighteous Mleccha hordes and forced them to run away to uninhabited areas. He freed the godly women from the captivity of demons and ruled over the Earth as a single monarch. But in accordance with another opinion the name Bharata for India has been because of Bharata, the eldest son of Rsabhadeva ( the great Siva yogi who is also distinguished as the very first Jaina Tirthankara, Adinatha ).

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Published on: 2003-01-31 (4873 reads)

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