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Sri Sankara Deva

Freeindia > Biographies > Great Poets > Sri Sankara Deva
Sri Sankara Deva

Extant during 4550 - 4669 Kaliyuga-years (i.e. 1449-1568 A. D.)

Great poet of the Asamiya language, religious reformer and famous Vaishnava saint, Sri Shankaradeva wrote many works concerning devotion to Bhagavan Krishna to uplift society from its condition of downfall (degradation) of character, preached Bhagavata Dharma, managed to have the right of holding devotion sessions ( Satradhikara ) for the Vaishnavas throughout Assam and established Namagharas ( ashramas or halls for collective reciting of Bhagavannama ( name of the Lord )). Most of his creations are based on Bhagavata Purana. 'Kirtana Ghosha ( the resounding of the collective singing of the Name ) is his best work. He gave a start to the famous Assamese form of dance-drama ( Natyarupa ) known as Ankiya Nataka in Assamese literature. Sri Shankaradeva has the credit of casting the life and culture of the Assamese people into the Vaisnava Bhakti or the Bhagavata Dharma's mould.

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Published on: 2003-01-31 (4071 reads)

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Sri Sankara Deva
Sri Sankara Deva
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