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Sayanacarya And Madhavacarya

Freeindia > Others > Sayanacarya and Madhavacarya
Sayanacarya and Madhavacarya

In the history of Bharat ( India ) of the 44th - 45th centuries of Kaliyuga ( i.e. 13th - 14th centuries A. D.) there had been two great persons who were real brothers who, besides in the field of knowledge ( Vidya ) and erudition or scholarship, also in the active field of politics, made an unprecedented unique contribution towards the protection of their nation ( Swarastra ) and their Dharma ( Swadharma ). Both the brothers were experts in the use of weapons ( Sastra ) and those of books ( Sastra ). Sayanacharya wrote commentaries on all the.four Vedas. His commentaries proved to be very important and absolutely timely basis for the protection of the tradition of Vedic studies.

Madhavacharya wrote a book, Pancadasi, which became an all accepted work on Vedanta. For the protection of the country and Dharma from the invasion of the Muslim invaders Madhavacharya provided guidance to two brave Kshatriyas, Harihara and Bukkaraya, helped them in establishment of Vijaya Nagar empire and then for some time managed the organisation of the empire as its Prime Minister and then assigning the responsibility to his younger brother, Sayanacharya, he himself undertook the life of renunciation ( Sannyasa ) and became the Sankaracharya of Sringeri Peeth adopting the name Vidyaranya Swami.

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Published on: 2003-01-31 (2065 reads)

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Sayanacarya And Madhavacarya
Sayanacarya and Madhavacarya
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