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Freeindia > Biographies > Great Poets > Rasakhana


Born: 1533 Delhi, Died: 1618 in Gokul

dhuuri bhare ati sobhita syaamajuu taisii banii sira sundara choTii.

khelata khaata phirai a.nganaa.N pagapaijani baajati piiri kachhoTii..

vaa chhabikoM rasakhaani bilokata vaarata kaamakalaanidhi koTii.

kaagake bhaaga kahaa kahiye hari haathasoM lai gayo maakhana roTii..

Extant during Kaliyuga years 4659 to 4719 ( i.e. 1558 to 1618 A.D.) very well known Krishna-devotee ( Krishna-Bhakta ) poet, Saiyad lbrahim Rasakhan was a Pathani Sardar residing in Delhi who had an unbreakiable relation with the national life of India. He dyeing himself in the colour of the supernatural ( celestial ) love of Sri Krishna, composed verses in Vrajabhasha ( the language of Vraj region ) in the poetic form of Kavitta and Savaiya ( both classes of metres particular to Hindi literature) in praise of Bhagavan Krishna. In Vrindavana, Goswami Vitthalnath initiated him into Pusti-Marga ( the Vaishnava sect holding belief in the role of God's grace in attainment of the ideal of identity with Him ). In his poetic creations devotion to Krishna has been expressed in a natural serene way coming straight from his inner heart and feeling. Prema-vatika and Sujana Rasakhana are well known collections of his poems.

Covered with dirt, Shyam Ji looks very handsome, with a beautiful choti on top of his head, He is wandering in the courtyard playing while eating, wearing a yellow kachhoti with jingling anklets, Rasakhan watches this scene, he can sacrifice millions of kalas on him, What can you say about the crow's luck, who took away the the butter with bread from the lord himself.

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Published on: 2003-02-01 (4273 reads)

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