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Freeindia > Biographies > Great Kings And Queens > Kaundinya

A brave man from southern India, who in the 32nd century of Kaliyuga ( i.e. 1st century A.D.) established a great empire known ( in the Chinense language ) as Funan empire which included in it the eastern countries such as Cambodia, Anama, Syama, Malaya and Indochina, by going to the eastern India from southern India using the sea-voyage way.

In Kaliyuga's 35th century ( 4th century A.D. ) another brave man, called Kaundinya again, went to Funan from southern India who did unforgettable work for the resuscitation of Indian culture and Dharma. In the dynasty ( Somavamsa ) of the first Kaundinya, founder of Funan Empire, there were great kings with the names Chandra Varma, Jaya Varma, Rudra Varma etc. From among them one emperor Kaundinya Jaya Varma sent a Bhikshu ( Monk ) Shakya Nagsen to China for the propagation of Dharma in Kaliyuga's 46th century (i.e. the 5th century A.D.).

Hindu founder of the kingdom of Funan in Cambodia in the first century A.D.

In Cambodia (Siam), in the Ist century of Christian reckoning the kingdom of Funan establishes itself in the Mekong delta, which today is Vietnamese territory. The founders of this kingdom have probably been Indian immigrants. In subsequent centuries Funan develops into a seafaring merchant power without expanding into a state with a large land area. It is strategically well located to become a trading power as in those days ships travelled almost exclusively close to the coastline and the land tip of the Mekong delta was an important stop over on the sea route between China and the Malay realms on the Malay Peninsula, on Sumatra and on Java. In the 6th century the kingdom of Funan dissolves. An important reason for the decline of Funan is the improved seafaring technology allowing ships to stray farther from the coasts. Funan is conquered by the kingdom of Champa, which has established itself to the North of Funan.

According to the Chinese sources, Funan was founded by a brahmin from India called Kaundinya.

He met and married a local princess, Soma, daughter of the naga king and founded the first Kingdom called thephnoni, introducing Hindu customs, legal traditions and the Sanskrit language. Modern historians refer to it as Funan, the first Khmer Kingdom, and the oldest State in the Southeast Asia.

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Published on: 2003-02-01 (5035 reads)

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