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Freeindia > Biographies > Great Kings And Queens > Yasodharma

Yashodharma had been king in Kaliyuga's 36th century ( i.e. Fifth century A.D.) whose empire had an expanse from Brahmaputra river to the Mahendra mountain (in Utkal Pradesh ) and from the Himalaya to the western sea ( Sindhusagar ). His worth mentioning deed is defeating the cruel ( ruthless ) Huna King Mihirakula. Mandasaur (of Madhya Pradesh ) had been the capital city of his kingdom, from near which have been found his rock-edicts or those about him.

Yashodharma vanquished the Huns.

The Age of Small Kingdoms [500 AD - 606 AD]

From the decline of the Guptas until the rise of Harshavardhana in the early seventh century, the political scene is confused and there are few records to illuminate it. Tribes of Hunas gradually moved over the mountains into North-western India. The name is etymologically related to the classical 'Huns', but they were probably only remotely connected, if at all, with the hordes of Attila. By early sixth century, Huna ruler Toramana and Mihirakula claimed Punjab and Kashmir as part of their kingdom.

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Published on: 2003-02-01 (4121 reads)

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