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Sri Lalitaaditya

Freeindia > Biographies > Great Kings And Queens > Sri Lalitaaditya
Sri Lalitaaditya

Extant during Kaliyuga's years from 3825 to 3862 ( i.e. from 724 to 761 A.D ), Lalitaditya was the third son of Kashmir's great king Pratapaditya. He has been a great warrior and victor whose praise has been sung by Kashmir's historian poet Kalhana in his famous work, Rajatarangini. Desirous of victory over the whole world Lalitaditya's period of rule had been a history of his victories. He not only defeated the Arabs, Turks, Tatars and the other Muslim invaders, pushed them back into their territories, but also pursued them there and subjugated and suppresed them so much so that for the next three centuries they dared not look at Kashmir with their eyes open. Lalitaditya annexed Punjab, Kannauj, Tibet and Badakshan to the territory he ruled over. Yet he had been magnanimous in his behaviour towards those rulers whom he defeated. He got many temples of Bhagavan Visnu and the Buddha constructed.

Kalhana, the author of 'Rajatarangini', states that Srinagar was founded by Emperor Ashoka (3rd Century BC). The present city of Srinagar was founded by Pravarasena 2, and Hiuen Tsang who visited the capital in 631 AD found the city at the same site as it is today. Lalitaditya Mukhtapida was the most illustrious ruler of the Hindu period which ended in 1339.

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Published on: 2003-02-01 (4134 reads)

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Sri Lalitaaditya
Sri Lalitaaditya
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