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Subrahmanya Bharati

Freeindia > Biographies > Great Poets > Subrahmanya Bharati
Subrahmanya Bharati

Extant during Kaliyuga's years 4983 to 5022 ( 1882 to 1921 A.D.).

The foremost nationalist poet of Tamilnadu, Subrahmanya Bharati with his nationalist poems written in his natural and easily understandable language communicated the message of patriotism to the hearts of people. He had to go to jail many times for his vigorous nationalist creations. In his political thinking he took the line of those with vigorous ideas and action. He came in close contact with the great patriots and fighters of the war of India's independence such as Sri Aurobindo ( of his revolutionary days ), Sri Chidambaram Pillay and Shrv V.V.S. Ayyar etc. On the style of the devotional songs of the Alavara and Nayanmara devotees he wrote many devotional songs. Subrahmanya Bharati along with being a patriot was also a social reformer. He did a lot for the freedom of women, equality of the people belonging to so-called high and low castes and for the removal of untouchability. Bharati himself has the credit of setting the tone of modern Tamil poetry. Besides he did accomplish the important task of carrying the spiritual and cultural heritage of the sages and saints to the common men.

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Published on: 2003-02-03 (4568 reads)

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Subrahmanya Bharati
Subrahmanya Bharati
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