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Sardar Patel

Bal Gangadhar Tilak Bhagath Singh
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'I Must Speak the Truth’

Many people misunderstood Patel. There was false propaganda that he did not like Muslims. On the 6th of January 1948, speaking in Lucknow, he said, "There is a cry that I am against Muslims. But I am their true friend. I cannot beat about the bush. I cannot dissemble. Let no one try to have his two feet in two different boats. Let every one choose one boat. Let us all, who belong to India, swim or sink together."

The Sardar's plain words made some people angry. They complained to Gandhiji. What Sardar Patel said at that time shows the superbself-confidence of this mighty man:

"I cannot speak anything but the truth. I cannot turn back on my duty, just to please some one."

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