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Gandhiji Dead

The 30th of January 1948, was a dark day in the history of India. An evil man killed Gandhiji on that day. Gandhiji was like an elder brother and a Guru to Patel. They had been put in the same jail several times.

Gandhiji has said of their days in prison, "Vallabhbhai's affection for me reminded me of my mother. Before that time I had not realized that such a tender,affectionate heart was hidden in him."

Sardar Patel undertook several measures to uphold the greatness of India. The sight of the great Somanatha Temple practically in ruins because of the repeated attacks of foreigners was most painful to him. He undertook the renovation of that temple. He made it the symbol of the power and the victory of resurgent India who had shaken off the slavery of centuries and felt a new energy throbbing in her veins. It was from him that Kania Lal Munshi got the inspiration to found the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Bombay.

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