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Plenty of Money

As Vallabhbhai wished to become a barrister, he was saving money andmaking preparations to go to England. He wrote a letter to a travel agency about his trip to England. By chance it fell into the hands of Vithalbhai. He told Vallabhbhai, "I shall go to England first; you can go later."

Without the slightest hesitation Vallabhbhai agreed. "Take it that my money and my ticket are yours. Make use of them gladly. And if you need money in England write to me. I shall send you the money," he told his brother.

Vithalbhai's wife was not a woman who would easily adopt herself to circums- tances. She 'was worded; what was she to do if her husband went abroad? Who would look after her? Vallabhbhai said, "Come and stay with us till my brother returns. Think of my house as yours."

Three years passed, and the elder brother returned from England.

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