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The King's Daughter-in-law

Mira was brought up in the palace of her grandfather. Along with her general education she received lessons in music and dance too. She acquired a good mastery over them. She must have been especially proficient in music. The sweet musical quality of her songs is rarely found in the lyrics of other poets. This melody is themain reason for the immense popularity of her songs.

Sri Krishna had already filled her heart.

After Doodaji's death, his first son, Beerama Dev, became the Rana. He thought of celebrating Mira's marriage. It was decided that she was to marry Bhojaraja, the crown prince of Chittore. He was the son of Rana Sanga. The marriage was celebrated with great pomp and grandeur in1516.It seems Mira had placed the idol of Sri Krishna by her side even on the bridal seat. The royal family, which had the custom of placing asword representing the bridegroom,by the bride's side might well have allowed this.

Mira had been worshipping Krishna right from her childhood. Nobody in her parent's home had come in the way. On the other hand, they had encouraged it.

But as soon as she came to live with her husband, her devotion to Sri Krishna began to cause displeasure among the members of her husband's family.

The family, which Mira entered, was renowned for bravery and heroism. Though the Rana had to face all alone the adversities of life, he bore them with courage but never accepted the Moghul rule in Rajasthan. Constantly fighting against the Moghals, he had held high   the banner of Rajasthan's tenacity,courage and heroism. Such a man was her father- in-law. And his eldest son Bhojaraja was her husband. This brave spirit of Rajasthan was the pride of India.Bhojaraja, too, was a hero. His family had been from times   immemorial followers of the Shakta cult; that is, they worshipped the Goddess of Power in the forms of Durga, Kali, Chamundi and Parvathi. They did not so much like the worship of Vishnu. Mira's mother-in-law, in particular, did not like it at all.

It may seem strange that one should regard God as the husband and behave accordingly. But it is not a new thing in the Bhakti cult. There are several types of Bhakti (devotion). They are classified according to the relation that exists between God and the devotee. If God is regarded with parental affection, it is called as one's own dear child 'Vatsalya Bhava' (or the devotion of a parent to a child). The relation between Yashoda and Krishna
is a good example of this type.

Instead of this, if a devotee considers God as his Master and firmly believes that he lives only by that Master's Grace and owes everything in life to Him, the relation would be that, which exists between Master and servant, It is called Dasya Bhava' (devotion of a servant to the Master). The relation between Hanumantha and Sri Rama is an example of this.

When God is taken for an intimate friend, it is called "Sakhya Bhava' - the devotion of a friend to a friend. The friendship of Sri Krishna and Kuchela is of this type.

When the relation between God and the devotee is one of love and of the intimacy that exists between husband and wife, it is called 'Madhurya Bhava'. This is considered the highest form of devotion. The devotee is the wife and -God is the husband. A wife serves   her lord in several roles. She looks after him with affectionate care like a mother;she stands inattendance with respect and obedience like a servant; she treats him with sweet familiarity like a friend. In 'Madhura Bhava' the devotee's relationship with God is exactly that of the wife with her husband.

Right from her childhood Mira had cultivated this kind of love for God. At the time of her marriage, she showed, in the presence of all people, that Sri Krishna was her husband. That became the conviction of her life. In her mother's home there was no hindrance to her devotion to Krishna. In fact it was only there this faith struck deep root in her heart.

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