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The Drop of Nectar in the Poison

Mira's achievement in music is remarkable. She herself has set tunes to her songs and has mentioned the ragas. 'Rag Govinda' and 'Rag Mira Malhar' are her own creations. Mira's songs can easily be set to music. And this is why those songs have been on the lips of people for over four hundred years.

There are several compositions on record said to have been her work. But only the lyrics known, as Padas (songs of folk style) are important. So far more than four hundred such songs have been collected.

Mira's name is not mentioned in any of the royal chronicles of Rajasthan. No details of any kind can be found in the writings of contemporary historians. From all this, it is obvious that there was a deliberateattempt to wipe out her name from history. Some people had tried to kill her when she was alive. Probably they tried to prevent all mention of her in history. This would not be surprising. Jealousy and hatred make a man stoop to any mean act. The moving songs of Mira who had won the hearts of the people are still on their lips and so she lives still.

Those kings in power in those days not only hated her and treated her with contempt but also tried to expel her from the pages of history. Today while we look for material in books of history for Mira's biography, we have to ignore them. But Mira who had suffered their cruelty neither did not hate them in return nor showed any anger. Like a drop of sweet nectar preserved unspoiled even in the midst of poison, in the midst of hatred, violence and scandals, Mira fixed her mind on Lal Giridhar and sang in praise of him. We feel as if we hear Mira say with a smile, 'A devotee suffers any kind of hardship for the sake of his God, He never gives up his God. By minding his own business, he reaches his goal.'

The song comes floating across f hundred years:

"Mere tho Giridhar Gopal

doosaro na koyi II

Mata chodi, pita chode,

Chode saga soyi I

Sadha sang baith baith

Lok laj khoyi II

Santh dekh dowdi aayi,'

Jagat dekh royi I

Prem aasu dar dar

Amar bel boyi I

Marag me taran mile

santh nam doyi I

Santh sada sees par

Nam hridou hoyi II

Ab tho bath phail gayi,

Janou sab koyi I

Dasi Mira Lal Giridhar

Honi so hoyi II

"I have no one but Giridhar Gopal. I gave up my mother. I gave up my father, and gave up all my kith and kin. I gave up my shyness in the company of sages. I ran eagerly seeking the saints but the ways and manners of the world came in the way. Then I shed tears. Those tears have kept the creeper of love alive. Saints and the holy name of Sri Krishna were the guiding lights I found along my path. Sri Krishna from within and the saints from without have illumined my path. My Lord, this slave Mira is yours. And you are the goal she wishes to reach. Let people gossip as they please. What does it matter?"

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