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The Only Man In Brindavan

There is a fascinating story connected with Mira's life in Brindavan. There were many
saints in Brindavan. Jeeva Goswami was prominent among them.He followed a very strict vow. He would not allow even the shadow of a woman to touch him. So women could never go and see him. Having joined Chaitanya Dev's Bhakti Movement he was spreading the cult of Bhakti.

Having a high regard for saints and sages Mira went to see this great man. At the very entrance of the hermitage she was stopped by a disciple of Goswami. He said, "The Swamiji will not see anywoman."

Mira only laughed at this and said,"Ithought the only man in Brindavan is Sri Krishna.
Now, I see there is a rival to Him." These words pierced the heart of Goswami like a sharp pointed lance. He came out of his
cottage and walked up barefooted and conducted Mira into the hermitage with all honor.

This is the story.

In the Bhakti cult the love of the wife for her husband is said to be the best form of
devotion. According to this all are women in this world. God is the only Man. In Brindavan the only man is Sri Krishna. All the rest, the devotees, are Gopis. There is no distinction of sex among devotees. They should imbibe the feeling that God is their husband. If a devotee has this feeling he cannot obstinately refuse to see women. Knowing this, if he behaves with the presumption of being a man,it amounts to being a rival to God.

After leaving the palace Mira came in contact with many great men and famous poets. This strengthened her devotion and poetic talent.

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