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Where Is Saint Mira'

The day dawned.
Mira was not to be found anywhere.

The Brahmins got scared. They searched for her. Other devotees and sanyasis also
searched for her. But she was nowhere to be seen.

Only her dress was found lying in front of Ranchodji's shrine.

The devotees concluded that she might have got merged in her dear Lord, Lal Giridhar.

Even now devotees have the same belief.

There are people who do not believe this story. But there cannot be a more beautiful
conclusion to the story of Mira's life. People who believe this to be true think it must have happened in 1547. Another Ponclusion is, that Mira did not die but escaped in disguise. But they cannot say anything about her life after this time. Nothing was heard of her anywhere. Among the stories people narrate about her this is none after this date. Therefore it is only appropriate to believe that Mira who had remained firm in the midst of all troubles realized at last the union with her dearest Lord.

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