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Obstinate or Crazy?

Though Mira had firmly believed even from her young age that Sri Krishna was her Lord, there is nothing to show in real life that she neglected her husband. As an ideal wife she might have returned his love and affection. But under no circumstances was she prepared to forget her SriKrishna. In the entire world nothing was greater to her than that love. She loved to sit before the sweet little image of Sri Krishna, sing about Him in her sweet voice and dance. That was her life. She was born for only that. How could she give it up?

But to others in her husband's house this looked like impertinence. It made them hate Mira. Everybody at home advised the obstinate girl to mend herself.She listened to their words. She would do whatever else she was asked to do; but, it she was told to forget Krishna, she could not bear it.

In the view of others, her intense devotion was nothing but a craze. When they made sure that she would not budge whatever they might say, they grew indifferent towards her. Day by day she went on spending more and more time in the company of monks and other holy people, meditating upon Sri Krishna. At last Bhojaraja got a temple built exclusively for   her near the palace. (Some say that this temple was meant to divert the large number of Sadhus who came to the palace.) Anyway this provided Mira with a place where she could worship Sri Krishna in freedom. She used to spend the whole day in song and dance there.

"When the whole world is asleep 1, being away from my Lord, keep awake. Likewise some one else separated from her lover sits in a luxurious mansion stringing pearls, I know. Counting the stars I-spend the whole night. When will dawn the hour of happiness for me? It is only after Giridhar, the Lord of Mira, comes that this suffering will end," so she sang in great joy.

Her own people who had seen her sing, dance and go into ecstasy had concluded that she had gone mad. But the monks respected her as a great saint.The number of those who came to be blessed by her sight increased.

The prestige of the royal family of Chittore stood very high. How renowned and noble was this family!

What a disgrace to such a family if the wife of the prince went on singing and dancing with monks!

Besides, she had insulted her husband's family by not worshipping Mother Kali.

Such were the thoughts that crossed the minds of many in her husband's house. They were angry and had nothing but contempt for her. But Bhojaraja had immense love for her. Therefore no one had the courage to say anything against her.

But Bhojaraja passed away in 1521. He had been wounded in a battle in 1518, and the wounds proved fatal. Within about five years after her marriage Mira became a widow. She was only, twenty-three thins.

The only link Mira had with the world had snapped. There was no one to care for her. Branded as mad, she had already suffered everybody's contempt. But this apathy of her own people only strengthe- ned her devotion. More than ever she clung firmly to her Lord Krishna.

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