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He Must Be Killed

At the words of his son, Hiranyakasipu trembled in great anger. He pushed the boy away and roared to his servants, "Do not wait; take away this evil fellow from my presence at once. Drag him away. Kill him. Just as a disease born in the body destroys it, this cursed boy born in our family will destroy it."

Rakshasas of horrible forms, carrying terrible weapons, were shocked when they heard the order of their master. What, kill the young prince? But they did not have the courage to disobey the king's order, so they went up to the boy.The little boy stood unmoved meditating on Lord Hari. They struck the boy with the sharp point of the lance. But it did not pierce his body. Not a hair was hurt. No weapon injured him. Hiranyakasipu stood amazed. But the next moment he was reminded of his son's devotion to Vishnu and his eyes became red with anger.

He screamed, "Bring elephants. Let him trampled under their feet."

Those who heard the king's cruel order trembled. But Prahlada himself was calm and showed not the slightest trace of fear. Elephants entered the palace. The king himself watched; his heart had turned to stone because of hatred. An elephant stood upon the boy.

Oh wonder of wonders! Nothing happened to the boy!

Hiranyakashipu's anger knew no bounds. He was grievously insulted.In boiling anger he ordered Prahlada to be thrown into the river. Then Prahlada joyously floated on water repeating the sacred names of Hari. It was an unbearable insult to his father. 'I must kill the boy' - this was the thought that filled all his mind. Prahlada was given poison; but his devotion to Hari changed  it into nectar. The king's servants pushed him from the ledge of a mountain rock; he fell like a light flower from a branch and came back to his father unhurt. Thrown into the fire, he glowed like the Fire God. Rain, wind, snow and sun - nothing could hurt him in the least. Hiranyakasipu was amazed. He said, "This boy is barely a span in height, just five years old; and yet he has such wonderful power. Bravo! He is fit to be my son. But he is loyal to  my enemy Vishnu! Vishnu killed my brother Hiranyaksha, and my son is devoted to him! What shall I do? He is devoted to my accursed enemy. Perhaps he will be my death." So he was troubled.

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