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'This Boon I seek....'

"Our King Hiranyakasipu tried to console others. But sorrow burnt his own heart like fire. Even, before this, our king Hiranya- kasipu hated Vishnu. Now Hari's very name was like poison to him. His blood was boiling with the hatred of Vishnu. He called the generals of his army Illyala, Nam uchi and others. He said, 'Give the devotees of Vishnu as much trouble asyou can. Dest those who perform sacrifices and worship Vishnu.' They burnt the cities, razed temples to the ground -They destroyed the crops.They teased the people. How can we describe the bravery of the Rakshasas?" The teachers narrated this story with great joy. But Prahlada felt -sick when he heard of the evil deeds of the Rakshasas. He wished to end the evil  actions of the Rakshasas. He wished to change their nature.

The teachers continued, "The King of the Rakshasas retired to the mountainMandara and began Tapas (meditation on the Lord). What a~ severe meditation it was! Tostand on the toe so as to throw the whole weight of the body on it, to hold the arms raised straight and the eyes looking up at the sky! Thus he offered a severe prayer. Many years passed. But he did not move even an inch. Flame rose from his body and enveloped the entire universe. Rivers and oceans boiled. The earth shook. Fire spread on all sides. The very gods were
filled with fear. They went to Satyaloka and prayed to Brahma to save them. Brahma- deva appeared to Hiranyakasipu and said, 'Hiranyakasipu, arise. I am pleased with your devotion. I never saw before such a severe meditation. Ask for whatever you desire.'

"Brahmadeva sprinkled holy water over the body of the king. At once it shone like gold.Tears of gratitude filled with his eyes. He was so full of joy that at first he could not speak. Then he spoke with much effort, 'Lord, you bestow light on the dark world; you are the creator of all, the protector of all, and, finally, you are the destroyer of all. You are all powerful; you know everything.You are free fromdefects. No god is easily moved like you to take pity on his devotees and to grant them boons. I bow to you humbly !' Brahma was pleased with his devotion. He said 'Why  have you undertaken such a severe Tapas Hiranyakasipu replied, 'Great Lord, if you will grant my prayer, this is what I seek:

'Let not death come to me from any creature created by you; let me not meet with death either in the house or outside it; let not my death occur either during the day or at night; no weapon should cause my death; I should not die either on land or in the sky.'

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