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'Narada Taught Me'

Then the sons of Sukracharya met Hiranyakasipu when he was alone andsaid, "King of the Rakshasas I in all the three worlds there is no one whom you have not defeated.When you are so strong why worried about this boy? Our father Sukra- charya will be here in a short time. He will somehow correct this boy and properly shape his nature. Besides, Prahlada is yet small boy. He may grow up to be a sensible man. Until then let him stay with us." The king agreed and sent his son with them.

Prahlada again entered the house of the masters. The teachers taught him how a king should rule and how he should defeat his enemies.But he had no interest in such matters. So time passed.

Once both the teachers went home on business. The boys wished to relax and play. They also called Prahlada to join them. He said to them in his sweet voice, "Friends, human life is a rare gift. It is not a small thing to be born a man and not ari animal. When we get this gift we should not waste it. If we wish to be happy, we must be devoted to Srihari from childhood. That is the only way to make our lifeworthy. If our ways please God, He will give anything. Narada himself has taught me this. What is the use of this wretched education? This is only a waste of time." The boys were surprised to hear these words. Prahlada was studying with them; Chanda and Amarka were the teachers of all of them. How then was Narada Prah- lada's teacher? So they asked Prahlada, "Prince, you have always been with us. Where did you meet Narada? When did he teach you?" To clear this doubt, Prahlada told the story of his past to them.

It is an interesting story. "You know, boys, that in days gone by, my father went to the
mountain Mandara for meditation. Then the gods thought that was the best time to attack the country of the Rakshasas. The king was not there to protect the Rak- shasas. They were defeated and ran away helter-skelter. The gods looted the palace. Devendra was dragging away my mother Kayadhu as a war - prisoner. She was crying piteously. Then Narada happened to come that way. He said, 'Oh King I What injustice is this? Is it right for you to do this? She is a pious woman and you are dragging her. First leave her.' Then Devendra replied, 'Holy Sir, I entertain no evil thought about this woman. She is now with child. I fear the child that is born will cause ruin and harm to us as his father does. I shall take her home. As soon as the child is born I shall kill him and send her back home.'

"Then Narada laughed and said, 'Friend, you do not know the truth. The son to be born of her will be devoted to God. You cannot kill him. Besides, is this an act worthy of the king of the gods?'  On hearing these words of Narada, Indra felt ashamed. He touched the feet of my mother and let her go. Narada took her to his Ashrama. During her stay there Narada  taught her Bhagavata Dharma, the way of those who love God. I was in the womb of my mother; I heard and understood these teachings. After my father returned home, my mother came to the palace. As days passed she forgot the Bhagavata Dharma. But it was firmly fixed in my mind. If you hear those teachings you will get the same wisdom."

The story was very interesting. Prahlada's friends were delighted. They were curious now to know more about Bhagavata Dharma. So they said, "You speak of Bhagavata Dharma, what is it?" Now Prahlada explained,"it is the way of winning the love of God. There are many ways of making God love us. Of these many ways, the best and the easiest is Bhagavata Dharma. We should love Him with all our hearts. We should always think of him. We should believe that everything really belongs to Him and act according to that  belief. We should always be in the company of good people. So we have joy and peace. So Narada taught me."   These words appealed to the other boys; a they, too, became the devotees of Srihari.

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