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The King of the Gods Becomes A Disciple

Narasimha disappeared after blessing Prahlada. Then Prahlada ascended the throne and ruled over the three worlds - Heaven, the Earth and the lower regions. Because of his virtues he won vast fame and popularity. The worlds enjoyed blissful peace under such a pious king. Piety and peace were firmly established everywhere. There was prosperity everywhere. His virtues and his character gave him unequalled strength. He was able to defeat Indra and to bring Amaravati, Indra's capital' also under his rule. Indra lost everything. He approached Brihaspatya- charya, the teacher of the gods, and said, "Master, how can I attain what is really good? How can I attain Mangala T' The Acharya replied, "Knowledge which is a means to salvation also leads to what is really good." Then Indra again asked, "Is there a better means, any special way?" The Guru said, "Yes there is. If you can please Sukracharya, the teacher of the Rakshasas, he will teach you."

Then Indra went to Sukracharya and got from him knowledge, which leads to salvation. Then Indra said, "Master, is there any good higher 'than this?" Sukracharya replied, "Yes. Prahlada, who defeated you in the war, knows it. Go to him."

Indra was surprised to hear this and approached him. In the guise of a Brahmin he waited at the gates of Prahlada's palace.Prahlada welcomed him with honor. Then Indra said, "King of the Rakshasas, what can give a man the highest good? Teach me this. "Then Prahlada replied, "Sir, I wish to look after the three worlds well, and have worries of my own. Where have I the time to teach you?"

But Indra would not give up. He said, "Whenever you have time, give me just a little advice. I only wish to learn from you the highest duty." Prahlada agreed. From that day Indra became the disciple of Prahlada. Step by step he acquired knowledge. Indra served his Guru so well that Prahlada was pleased.When Prahlada was in a happy mood Indra asked him, "Great Sir, how did you conquer the three worlds? What is the secret?' Prahlada did not suspect that the person before him was cunning Indra and that he was trying to occupy his place. He said, "ListenBrahmin, it is by my character that I was able to win astery over the three worlds. But I never boast of my lordship. I obey Sukracharya  and I serve my elders and teachers with all my heart, and follow their guidance. I control my senses. That is how I have realized the highest good." Prahlada was highly pleased with his disciple for his keen interest in the highest good. So he said to him, "Oh Brahmin, I am pleased with your service. Ask for whatever you desire."

Indra's heart rejoiced. He replied, "King of Rakshasas, if you are really pleased, and if
you wish to make me happy, bestow your pure character on me."

When he heard these words Prahlada was troubled. He knew that once his pure character left him, he would lose strength and position. But he could not break his promise. He said to Indra, "Well, I give you my character. Farewell." Soon after the departure of the Brahmin, character, good conduct, piety, truth and strength all appeared as lights, took leave of him and left him. They entered Indra. Prahlada was not unhappy. With a peaceful mind he rose to the presence of Lord Narahari.

Prahlada was born the son of a Rakshasa. Even as a small boy he became a victim to the fury of his father. But Vishnu, pleased with his devotion, appeared before him. Indra, the Lord of the gods, had to beg Prahlada, a Rakshasa by birth, for knowledge.

High or low birth is not important, age is not important; a pure mind is important, a spotless character is important - this is the lesson his story blazes to the world.

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