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Vishnu in the Form of Varaha

The masters learnt what had happened. Their minds were filled with grief and anger.The king had become wild withanger because Prahlada had become a devotee of Hari. What may he do when he learnt that all the boys had become devotees of Srihari ? So they approached Prahlada and spoke to him sweet words: "Child, have you done right? Don't you know how  deeply and strongly your father hates Vishnu? Is it not the same Hari in the form of the wild pig who killed your uncle?"

Prahlada was curious. He said, "Holy Sirs, tell me about it." Then the masters called all the pupils. They narrated the story of Narayana so as to blame the deeds of Varaha.

"When Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha were born, the gods trembled with fear. These two Children gained terrible forms and grew up day by day and looked like mountains. The younger of the two, Hiran- yaksha, was the stronger and attacked Heaven, the kingdom of the gods. At his very sight they were struck so much with fear that they hid themselves. Hiranyaksha challenged Varuna, the Lord of the Ocean, to a fight. But Varuna answered, '’O great hero, I live like a hermit. I do not wish to fight. Besides, who can fight with you! Only God can do it.' Then Hiranyaksha went in search of Hari."

Prahlada was listening to the story. The teachers continued, "At that moment, through one of the nostrils of Parabrahma a pig shot out. He was very small. In size -just aninch tall. Buteven as the onlookers were gazing, he began to grow. He grew and grew and became huge like a mountain. The Earth had fallen into the ocean and was lying under the water. The pig lifted it on his tusks. He was now rising above the water in order to offer the Earth
to Brahma. Hiranyaksha saw this mountain- like pig and was astounded.Still in limitless
pride he cried -'Foolish pig, leave the earth where it is and go away. Yes, I now know who you are, you are no other than Maha- vishnu in the form of a pig. I have come to break your head.' So saying he stopped the pig. The Earth - Goddess trembled at the fearful appearance of the Rakshasa. But Varaha (the huge pig) did not take notice of these things. He was rising from the ocean. Hiranyaksha grew impatient and called loudly, 'Coward! You have no shame.'Varaha heard these insultingwords and put aside the Earth. His eyes were red with anger.He said, 'These words of empty pride will only lead you to the jaws ofdeath. Well, then, fight.' A dreadful fight followed between them."

The teachers continued the story of the fight. "'The gods witnessed this terrible fight. It went on from morning till evening.

"Brahma was very anxious to see the fight finished, before.Darkness fell,byAdivaraha
(the first pig).For, as darknessapproaches, the strength of Rakshasas, too, grows. As
though he read Brahma's thoughts, the divine pig smiled and sent his disc (the Chakra) whirling towards Hiranyaksha. This mighty weapon destroyed all weapons of our Yuvaraja, Hiranyaksha. At this, Hiran- yaksha's anger rose high and he rushed forward roaring with anger to crush Hari in his arms. Then the divine pig struck a stunning blow on Hiranyaksha's cheek. The blow was so terrible. That Hiranyaksha fell to the ground and died."

The teachers of the Rakshasas were filled with sorrow while narrating the story of
Hiranyaksha's death. But Prahlada begged the teachers to continue the story. They said, "At the death of Hiranyaksha his wife Vrishadbhanu and her children were overpowered with grief. His mother Dithidevi was heart-broken. Our master Piranyakashipu also was filled with sorrow. But he tried to console the others. He said: 'everyone has to die. So do not weep. My brother fought and died like a hero. So why weep for his death?’ So he tried to comfort the weeping the relatives.

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