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The Story behind the Story

The story of Prahlada is very interesting, isn't it? There is a story behind this story.

Why did Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha hate Vishnu so-bitterly?

Here is the story to explain it.

Two pious devotees named Jaya and Sri Vishnu had appointed Vijaya doorkeepers. They felt that they were the chosen doorkeepers of Vaikunta and were always very near the Supreme Lord Narayana. So they grew haughty. Once it so happened that four boy-saints named Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatkumara and Sanatsujata came to pay homage to Sri Vishnu. Because of their great yogic power, they could enter Vaikunta. Jaya and Vijaya  puffed up with arrogance stopped them. The saints were angry and cursed them. They said, "You are so very near the Lord, and yet you are ignorant. Until you get supreme knowledge, wander in the world below." Then the two doorkeepers came to their senses. Trembling with sorrow, they prayed to Sri Narayana. He said to them, "These are men of pure piety and great self-control. Their words must come true. Go to the earth below; come back when you have gained wisdom." Then they wept before the Lord saying, "What will
be our fate if through ignorance we forget God Himself?" Narayana took pity on them. He said, "Jaya and Vijaya, which will you choose - to be my devotees in seven births or my enemies in three we cannot bear births?"

Then they fell 'irom Vaikunta and were born as twin Rakshasas, Hiranyakasipu and Hiranyaksha. They were the enemies of God and of the way to God. Vishnu assumed the form of Varaha and Narasimha and killed them both.

After this in Kitayuga they were born as Ravana and Kumbhakarna and were killed by Sri Ramachandra. Then in Dwapara they were born as Shishupala and Dantavakra, and Sri Krishna killed them. So they were freed from the curse.

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