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The Western Influence

Motilal had made six trips to Europe; he had taken his family too. Once he went to 
Russia with his family. After every visit to Europe he came back more westernized. He brought from England a governess by name Hoover to teach English to his children. She lived with the children in the same house. Motilal encouraged every one in the family to speak in English. Three rooms were set aside for Motilal's clothes of different styles and fashions. Whenever he visited London or Paris he would bring new suits, hats and shoes. Reputed tailors used to make his suits.

In spite of his aping the western ways of life se much, he never bowed to western people. He always maintained his self- respect and conducted himself as one equal to them. They also treated him with great respect.

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Motilal Nehru - A great leader of India's fight for freedom.Father of Jawaharlal Nehru
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