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The Darling Son

Jawaharlal was the only son of his parents. Naturally both father and mother doted on
him. Motilal wanted his son to be a great man. He feared that his son might get spoilt if he mixed with other boys. So his children were educated at home. An English governess was engaged to teach English and a Muslim mould to teach Arabic and Persian. The children were experts in horse riding, swimming and riding bicycles.

Motilal feared that too much pampering might spoil his son.

Once it happened that Motilal had left two pens on his writing table. 'How could father
need two pen?" thought the innocent Jawaharlal and put one into his pocket. "Who took my pen?" Motilal started inquiring. He was furious. Jawahar was afraid to tell the truth. He ran to his mother and hid himself behind her. Motilal pulled him out and whipped him; welts rose on the boy's back. The father felt miserable at what he had done. He himself applied healing ointments to the welts.

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Motilal Nehru - A great leader of India's fight for freedom.Father of Jawaharlal Nehru
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