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‘I Have Chosen My Bride'

The king once went to the Rameshwara fair. There he saw a very pretty maid. She was Chennamma, the daughter of Siddappa Shetty of Kotepura. She was beautiful like a carefully sculptured doll. With her friends she was going to the temple; she moved with striking dignity.

Somashekhara Nayaka saw her; he said to himself, 'if at all I marry, I should marry this girl.' Through his servants he learnt who
she was. Next day he sent for his Chief Minister and said to him, "You have been compelling me to marry. Ye9terday when I went to the Rameshwara fair, I saw Kotepura Siddappa Shetty's daughter. If I marry at all, I will marry her. Please send for Siddappa Shetty and speak to him."

The Chief Minister replied, "My Lord, so far all kings of Keladi have married only princesses of royal blood."

"That may be. But I know only one way, - and that is, to do as I say. I have nothing to do with any other tradition. I will marry only
this girl."

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Keladi Chennamma - Ruled Over Smallstate, Keladi and proved a great and heroic queen.
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