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A Happy, Blessed Union

"The King wants to marry your daughter Chennamma."

At these words of the Chief Minister, Siddappa Shetty was startled; he was amazed. He could not believe his own ears. Finally he agreed gladly.

"The King wants to marry you," he said to his daughter. And Chennamma could not contain her surprise and delight.

The wedding took place in the big palace in the capital city of Bidanur with royal splendour.

Chennamma became the Queen of Keladi State and of Somashekhara Nayaka's heart. The new couple offered worship at the temple of the family deity Lord Rameshwara at Keladi, and also at the temple of Aghoreshwara at Ikkeri and. of Goddess Mookambike at Kollur. They also gave many gifts in charity to the poor and the needy.

The married life of Somashekhara Nayaka and Queen Chennamma was like milk and honey put together. They understood each
other perfectly and loved each other deeply. The intelligent Queen became, in a short while, well versed in politics and statecraft. She learnt to use weapons, mastered music and developed an interest in literature.

Queen Chennamma looked after the subjects of her kingdom and the servants of the palace with great love as if they were her children. She was not merely a wife to Somashekhara Nayaka but also an adviser; she gave him advice on state masters, like a trusted minister. If the government did any injustice, those who suffered, being afraid to go to the King, would make their appeals to the Queen. The Queen would speak to her husband and get justice done. She was an inspiration to her husband to punish the
wicked and protect the virtuous. So the people of Keladi looked up to the Queen as if she was a goddess, with great respect and devotion. The royal couple treated all religions with equal respect; they gave large gifts of lands to the Mutts and other religious institutions of Keladi.

During the days of the Vijayanagara Kings, the Dasara was observed as a national festival with great pomp. The Kings of Keladi kept up that tradition. During the days of this 'Nadahabba' great artists used to go to Keladi from all corners of the country. At the end of the programmes of dance and music, the King rewarded the artists with valuable gifts.

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Keladi Chennamma - Ruled Over Smallstate, Keladi and proved a great and heroic queen.
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