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'My Lord, Come Back'

The Queen was determined that the kingdom nursed and handed down by their elders should be saved from these dangers. If she remained passive, thinking she was only a woman, the kingdom wouid be lost. She put aside her pride and even stepped into the dancer's house to meet the King.

Worn out by diseases, the King was a mere shadow of his old robust self. The face had lost lustre and the eyes were dull.
Chennamma was greatly grieved. But she checked her sorrow and said, "My Lord, please come back to the palace. The
physicians of the court will treat you. The kingdom of the great Shivappa Nayaka should not be ruined. You can adopt a worthy boy as son." She fell at his feet and begged him to return.

Bharame Mavuta, the source of all evil for the kingdom, was right there. Deceived by his words, the King refused to listen to
Chennamma. The Queen returned in misery. But she had no time even to weep, because the enemies had already besieged the kingdom.

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My Lord, come back. The Kingdom of Shivappa Nayaka should not be ruined
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