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'I Have Sinned Terribly'

The Chief Minister, Thimmanna Nayaka, who had, gone away from Bidanur after his differences with the Queen in the matter of the adoption, now learnt of the fall of Bidanur. He was at heart a true patriot. He was enraged that enemies had taken Bidanur.

Thimmanna Nayaka came to the Bhuvanagiri palace and met the Queen. He said, "Your Highness, I am guilty of a great crime. I should not have left Bidanur after the death'of Somashekhara Nayaka. I have sinned terribly. It is very painful for me to see the Bidanur, where I was born and bred, is now in alien hands. Please accept my services again in this difficult hour."

The Queen was generous. She replied, "Thimmanna Nayaka, your conduct and your words amply bear out your deep loyalty to the kingdom. Keladi now needs the assistance of all and the blessings of the Almighty for its protection. You are experienced in statecraft. We do need your help; you have served the State from the days of the great Shivappa Nayaka. The Chief Minister's office is yours, if you will accept it."

Chennamma bestowed honours on him. People who had benefited from the kings of Keladi and from Chennamma in particular, arrived in thousands in Bhuvanagiri. They were ready to give up their all for Keladi and the Queen.

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it is my religion to give protection to those who need it.
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