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Troubles Come In Battalions

The Sultan of Bijapur was waiting to swallow up the kingdom of Keladi. Now he heard that the King was negligent and troubled by disease and that the State was in the hands of a woman. He was tempted. Opportunity seemed to be inviting him. He sent a representative by name Jannopant to the Queen for negotiations. Close on the heels of Jannopant the Sultan also sent a big army under the command of Muzaffar Khan. Jannopant met the Queen. Through her own spies Chennamma had already understood the trick of the Sultan. But she was not in a position to declare war on the Sultan just then. So she gave three lakh rupees to Jannopant and came to an agreement with the Sultan. Yet, the Sultan's army was marching towards Keladi.

So, the Queen summoned her subjects and said to them : "My beloved heroes of the Kannada Land, you are great warriors. Today the fate of the kingdom is in your hands. Remember, victory gives us this kingdom and death gives us heaven. There is no third way. If you win, all of you will be rewarded with befitting honours." So she spoke to her people with affection. She gave them her jewels and, the gold in the royal treasury. Inspired by her heroic words, and moved by her generosity, the soldiers girded their lions to fight.

After taking leave of the Queen, Jannopant went to Bharame Mavuta. Moved by the sweet words of Jannopant, Bharame Mavuta  got the King murdered.

The Queen heard the news. Her husband was dead! It was a shock, and grief flooded the heart of the young Queen. But she was not the woman to weep in passive sorrow. Yes, her husband was dead. But he had not died a natural death. He had been murdered. Chennamma was now like the Goddess of War, determined to avenge her husband's death.

The Bijapur army besieged the fort of Bidanur. The henchmen of Bharame Mavuta gave all help to the Sultan's soldiers. The-enemy army was very big. Siddappa Shetty and the officers of the State told the Queen that, even if they fought with all valour, victory was doubtful. They advised her to leave Bidanur for the time being. The very thought of leaving Bidanur was like poison to her. But there was no other way. The throne of the kingdom, the wealth of the royal treasury and all other valuables were moved to

The enemies pulled down the gates of the fort and entered the palace. But they could not find the Queen there. The treasury was
also empty. They felt disappointed and were very angry. The fort at Bhuvanagiri, situated amidst a thick jungle, was quite secure. The chieftains of the Keladi Court and the soldiers were in Bhuvanagiri with the Queen.

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