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Krishna's Negotiations

Next morning when Sri Krishna was nearing Hastinapura, Bhishma, Drona and others met him outside the city and welcomed him. After he entered the city Krishna went straight to Dhritharashtra's palace saluted Dhritharashtra and enquired about his health. He treated Krishna with courtesy. Krishna next went to Vidura's home. There he was entertained as a welcome guest, with devotion, loves and regard. After dinner and rest he met Kunthi and informed her in detail about the welfare of the Pandavas. He told her, that their sufferings had ended and that soon they would be victorious-and live happily; in this way he comforted Kunthi.

After supper Vidura gave Krishna his views on the situation: "Duryodhana is a fool who does not distinguish between what is righteous and what is wicked. He is short-tempered and arrogant. And he thinks that he alone is wise. He does not respect elders. I do not like the idea of your going to the king's court, where there is such a man."

Krishna heard this and said: "Vidura, what you say is true. I know all this. But I have come here for negotiations. If possible I want to save the huge armies from destruction. This is morally right. Whether I succeed or fail I shall have the satisfaction of having done my duty. Even if all the followers of Duryodhana together attack me, they can do me no harm. Do not be worried about me."

Next morning Krishna went to Dhritharashtra's court. Vidura accompanied him. He sat next to Krishna.

The advice given by Krishna to Dhritharashtra and Duryodhana did not bear fruit. Duryodhana and his associates thought of taking into custody Krishna himself.

When Dhritharashtra learnt about this wicked ruse he again sent word to Duryodhana through Vidura. "This is a foolish venture; give it up," said he. Vidura also supported Dhritharashtra's advice; he described Krishna's strength and narrated his feats. He warned Duryodhana: "Do not cross Krishna's path." But Duryodhana disregarded everybody's advice. He tried to capture Krishna but met with failure.

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