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A Man Who Knows Righteous Conduct

The royal family of Hastinapura was closely related to Vidura. Vidura's mother was a devoted maid to the queens in the palace at Hastinapura. Ambika and Ambalika were the wives of Vichitraveerya, son of the emperor Shanthanu. By the grace of Vyasa, they gave birth to Dhritharashtra and Pandu. Vidura was born by the grace of Vyasa to the servant maid of the queens. Thus the three were brothers. Dhritharashtra was the elder uncle of the five sons of Pandu including Yudhishtira; Vidura was the younger uncle.

Vidura also grew up in the palace in the company of Dhritharashtra and Pandu. He also spent his entire life as Dhritharashtra's companion and trusted friend.

Although the three, Dhritharashtra, Pandu and Vidura, were born by the grace of sage Vyasa, they were different by nature. Dhritharashtra who was born blind was a hypocrite and was selfish; he was not much devoted to righteous conduct. But Pandu was scrupulous in following righteous conduct; he was loved by his subjects; and he was a brave man. Vidura was very Godfearing. He knew what was moral and righteous. And he followed the path of virtue. He spoke out what he thought was right without fear or favor. On account of this, the hypocrites Dhritharashtra and his sons, the kauravas, disliked Vidura. But because the people respected Vidura. Highly they allowed hon to be their companion; the Kauravas were unwilling to condemn and oppose him in public.

As long as he was alive Pandu treated Vidura with great respect; and so did his sons after Panclu's death. Vidura also had great affection for the Pandavas. When Pandu died all his five sons were little boys. That they should not come to grief at the hands of their cousins, the Kauravas, and that they should grow up to be strong and live gloriously was Vidura’s wish. So Vidura was actively interested in the welfare of the Pandavas. He thought it was his duty to save them from the cunning plots of the Kauravas

Vidura - One of the great Characters of the 'Mahabharata'
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