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Disaster Did Strike

But nobody listened to Vidura. The game of dice was continued. Yudhishtira lost everything - lost his brothers also. Vidura could not contain his grief and sat down, watching in anguish. Yudhishtira lost again; he lost Draupadi whom he had staked.

In the flush of triumph Duryodhana lost his head. He called Vidura who was like his father and said, "Go and bring Draupadi, the beloved wife of the Pandavas. Let her stay with our servants and sweep the house. Let us have that pleasure."

When he heard these words, Vidura was not angry with Duryodhana. He felt sorry for his foolishness. He told him: "What a fool you are! You can't see the noose around your neck. You are unable to understand that you are trembling on the edge of a precipice! Will the deer, which enrages a tiger, live? These are the last days of the Kauravas. Therefore, you do not listen to words of wisdom; your greed is growing." Vidura so warned him against the impending disaster. But no one listened to him. Vidura did not bring Draupadi to the court. Duryodhana sent another

messenger and had her dragged to the assembly. He and his brother Dusshasana disgraced her. Finally, Dhritharashtra had their treasures returned to the Pandavas. He pacified them and Draupadi, and sent them back with honor.

The Pandavas had hardly left that place, when Duryodhana went to Dhritharashtra. He begged him: "Let us have another contest. The loser must live in exile in the forest. Get back the Pandavas." Dhritharashtra agreed to the proposal. Then Vidura, Bhishma, Drona and others vehemently opposed it. Still, he did not change his decision. The Pandavas returned. Once again there was a match. The condition was that the loser should live in the forest for twelve years and thereafter live for one year without being recognized by any one. Yudhishtira lost again. The Pandavas got ready to live in the forest. The Kauravas spoke to the fallen Pandavas and Draupadi insultingly. The Pandavas were furious. They swore that they would kill the Kauravas in a war.

The very calamity which Vidura had tried hard to prevent occurred. This was because Duryodhana and his father Dhritharashtra would not listen to Vidura's advice.

The Pandavas and Draupadi were going to the forest; what was to happen to the aged Kunthi? Could she accompany them to the forest and put up with all the hardships? Vidura thought over the matter. Where should Kunthi live? If she lived in Dhritharashtra's palace she would naturallybe unhappy. It would be easier to look after her well if she stayed with him, thought Vidura, and took her to his house.

The path of righteousness and honesty is the path to true prosperity
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